By: Justine Elvira

A Forbidden Desires Novel



Violent streaks of red and orange cloud my vision, casting a fiery haze over everyone at the party.

Did he really show up to my engagement party with some two-dollar tramp who wouldn't know classy if it bit her in the ass?

This is my day.

My party.

He may not agree with the choice I made. He doesn't have to agree with it, but he could at least show me the respect of not showing up to my engagement party with another woman.

He wants to hurt me. It's the only explanation.

"Skye and I are incredibly lucky to be celebrating our upcoming nuptials with our family and closest friends. We know some of you have traveled from out of state to be here and your love for us does not go unnoticed. We're truly touched you chose to celebrate with us tonight."

Caleb's arm that is wrapped around my waist pulls me in closer to him as his other hand squeezes my hip softly. Tilting my head I smile up at him encouragingly as he continues his speech to all of the important people in our lives. Caleb always knows just what to say.

I try to focus on his words, I really do...but it's hard when two brown orbs attached to a face with perfect soft lips tucked behind a coarse, sexy beard are staring intensely in my direction. Especially when those lips were kissing me yesterday, and then again this morning.

Yes, everyone in the room is staring up at Caleb and me, but his eyes cut through me like no one else’s can. He may be mad at me, he may want to talk to me, even though I've been trying my best to ignore the infuriating man all day, but that gives him no right to show up here with some whore and glare at me like I've done something wrong.

As Caleb continues to speak next to me, I watch below as the bimbo leans into him at their table and rests her hand on his upper thigh, slowly inching her fingers up closer to his groin. I'm starting to see violent streaks of red again.

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I look away disgusted and try to focus on the eloquent speech my fiancé is giving.

He probably doesn't even know her name...

God, why can't I focus?

The crowd all around us begins to clap with a few of Caleb's buddies whistling and hollering, as they hold on tight to their bottles of beer. Caleb's speech must be over. As great as tonight is, I wish I had a moment alone to process all of my thoughts.

Caleb's family approaches us first. His mother's short blond hair is slicked back. She's in a long pastel and sequined dress that covers most of her body. Draped over her neck is a sparkling diamond Cartier necklace. I only know this because she loves to show and tell all the wealth she has and what she's acquired over the years.

Caleb's father stands next to her all stoic and serious in a three-piece suit. He's looking around the room, nodding in greeting to different people as they walk by.

"Skye, dear, I love how quaint this place is, but it's kind of stuffy in here. You knew how many people were going to be coming to this party, didn't you?"

"Yes, Mrs. Benton. I got each and every RSVP." She can't even get through one night without taking a dig at me.

"Then you should have talked to the management here and made sure they had the proper ventilation system required to accommodate all these people. You could have avoided this mess with just one phone call."

There is no mess to be avoided. Everyone seems to be having a good time. Maybe it's stuffy in here because of her big head and inflated ego.

I look up at Caleb, hoping he'll say something to stand up for me, but of course his mouth stays wired shut. He'll never stick up to his mother for me, no matter how horrible she treats me. After all, he has a trust fund to think of.

Sucking up my pride I respond, "You're absolutely right, ma'am. I'll remember that for the next party we throw." Hopefully it'll be her funeral. "If you'll excuse me, the stuffy air is getting to me, too. I'm going to step outside for a moment."

Squeezing past Caleb and his parents, I put my head down and walk briskly towards the side exit of the restaurant, wanting to avoid being stopped by any of the party's attendees. I also don't want to see him again.

Reaching the side door that leads out to the patio, I push down on the metal bar and the solid black door opens for me. The cool night air hits my face and I immediately take in a deep breath, before exhaling out in relief. I am so glad to be away from everyone and out of that room.

I walk over to the railing and look out at the miles and miles of open green. When I booked this golf club it was because the Italian restaurant inside served the best Eggplant Parmesan I've ever tasted, and I wanted to impress Caleb's mother. She only tolerates the best and I thought this place was the best. I should have known nothing I booked would ever impress her.

My back is to the door so when I hear it open, hitting the outside of the building, I turn to see if I'll be forced to make small talk with someone. Noah walks out in black dress slacks and a black button down dress shirt. I can't even remember the last time I'd seen him so dressed up. He looks...good. I hate that he looks good.

His date to my engagement party is hanging all over him as he walks towards me across the dimly lit patio. I want to yell at his date to pull her dress down because it's too short, but that would only create a new problem and I'd have to find a way for her to cover the two water balloons trying to topple out of the top of her dress.

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