Promise Me:A Second Chance Romance

By: Vivian Wood & Willow Winters



I shift a little on the blanket as the sounds of crickets from the woods behind us get a bit louder. We're alone out here on the outskirts of the state park. I can hardly breathe in this strapless lace dress, and it’s awkward sitting on the ground with it riding up so high. It’s the prettiest one I have though, and the most revealing. It’s not that it’s too tight, although it feels as if it is.

Tonight’s the night.

I peek up to my right at Hunter and give him a shy smile, feeling the warmth of a blush flood my cheeks. My heart swells, although I’m still a bundle of nerves. He looks so handsome even in his simple faded jeans and white tee shirt.

My lungs fill with the scent of his cologne. He smells so good. He’s never worn it before. He knows tonight is different, too.

We’ve been dating for almost a year. We're high school sweethearts. A full year. I’d say it’s my longest relationship, but it’s my only one ever. And I never want another. I want to be his, and only his. Tonight I’m taking a leap of faith.

I know when we graduate in three months, it’s going to be hard. He’s going into training, and I’ll be going to college. I lace my fingers between his; his hand is resting on my bare thigh. He looks down at me and clasps my hand while giving me a sexy smile. We’re going to make it work though. He’s my one and only. And I’m his.

His arm is wrapped around my waist and we’re seated on the edge of the blanket. My bare toes sweep along the grass as he pulls me closer to him. The spring air is a bit chilly at night, and goosebumps form down my arm. I didn’t bring a jacket. A small shiver runs up my shoulders and I curl up against his hot body. A deep chuckle rises up his chest. I love that sound. I love it when he laughs like that. He rubs his hand up and down my arm, warming me.

I lay my cheek against his hard chest and put my hand on the lower part of his stomach, against his shirt. My heartbeat picks up and I feel like I can barely breathe. My fingers dip down a little lower. The tips brush along his bare skin.

My breath stills in my lungs. I’m going for it. I bite down on my bottom lip and clench my thighs as arousal pulls between them. I slip my hand a little lower, past the deep “V” of his hips, and they just barely push into the waist of his jeans when his hand wraps around my wrist, holding me still. I can feel the coarse hair below.

“Vi,” he says, and there’s a hint of admonishment in his voice.

My heart squeezes in my chest. I know we shouldn’t, and he’s never pressured me, but I want him. I want this to happen. And I know he does, too.

“Hunter.” I feel brazen as I keep my fingers dipped below his waistband and meet his gaze. His eyes heat with a fire I’ve seen before.

“I know you want this,” I barely whisper. In the past, he’s been quick to pull away, but this time he only holds me tighter.

He closes his eyes and speaks just above a murmur, “Vi.” My name slips between his lips with a reverence I’ve never heard before. His grip on my wrist loosens and I pull away, but only to place my hand… down there, against him. My eyes widen slightly. I’ve never felt his dick before. I’ve never even seen one. I wasn’t expecting it to be so big, or so hard.

My hearts stutters in my chest and my pussy clenches around nothing. My hand itches to pull away, but instead I push it harder against his cock, to feel more. My fingers wrap around his length as best they can in this awkward position. I can feel everything in me pulsing with need.

“Violet,” he breathes my name.

In an instant, he looks back at me and moves me to his lap, pulling me away. I wrap my arms around his neck, feeling vulnerable and desperate for his love. It will crush me if he denies me. Please, don’t.

“I’m ready, Hunter.” I stare into his gorgeous green eyes. I swallow thickly and keep my voice as even as I can as I say, “I love you, and I want you to know it.”

“I already know,” he whispers as he brushes my hair out of my face. It tickles as it moves over my shoulder, and another shiver runs down every inch of my body. This time it hardens my nipples as his lips graze the sensitive skin of my neck, just below my ear. His hot breath forces a small moan from my lips.

“I love you, Vi.” I close my eyes as he plants open-mouthed kisses up my neck and along my jawline. I love it when he says my name. He’s the only one who calls me that.

I believe him. I believe he loves me. And I know I love him.

He pushes his lips against mine. There’s a tenderness that I haven’t felt before. I reach up and spear my fingers through his hair. I part my lips and press my body against his.

I want him to know how much I need him. All of him.

I kiss him with desperation. He groans deep in his throat and splays his hand on my back, lowering me to the blanket. He breaks our kiss only for a moment to look down at me.

My lips are parted, and my eyes are half-lidded with lust.

When he lowers his lips to mine and his hands travel up my dress, slipping it up past my thighs, I know this is really going to happen.

"Promise me you'll love me after this?" I sound weak, but in this moment, I need his reassurance.

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