A Dangerous Love Affair 3

By: Lady Lissa & Jacori



I have been trying to reach Khaleel for the past two months. He doesn’t pick up and doesn’t answer my messages; he is just ignoring me. I am almost four and a half months pregnant, and this kid is his. I don’t know what kind of game he’s playing, but I won’t be ignored. It has been a hard month for me due to the morning sickness. I needed his help to pay for some of my bills, but since he wouldn’t answer that was gonna be a problem.

If he was hoping that this baby and I will just disappear, he can think again. I hate the fact that he wants no part of a relationship with me while I’m pregnant. In my eyes, it means that he won’t want anything to do with me when the baby comes. I will have to try reaching him a different way. I could go by his office, but then he really won’t want nothing to do with me, especially if he feels he’s embarrassed.

What the hell can I do to let him know that I am serious about this baby? I need him to help me out. I can’t be a single mother. That just won’t work. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I never intended to get pregnant by Khaleel. I knew he was with someone, yet I still wanted to be with him. After seeing him on television that first day, I was smitten. I needed to be with this man. I had to have him and now that I had him, he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Something has got to change between us in this relationship, especially if we are going to co-parent our child.

After doing some soul searching, I finally come up with a plausible way to fix our problem. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this beforehand.



Ever since I met Ariel for the first time, things have been going really well for everyone concerned. Of course Ariel had questions, a lot of questions, when we first met. She wanted to know where I’ve been all this time. She asked if I knew about her. She asked did I love her. I didn’t want to make her mother seem like the bad guy, even though this is all her fault, but I tried to answer as best I could. I admitted that I didn’t know about her right away, and that I do love her. I have actually loved her as soon as I looked into her beautiful hazel eyes. She is the spitting image of me when I was a kid. Only difference is she has beautiful pigtails, and I didn’t.

I spoke to Abby about introducing her to my parents. She said that would be okay, but she’s also afraid my parents won’t understand why she came onto me back then. Sometimes I don’t even understand how she chose me, but one thing I cannot do is change the past, so whatever happens from here on out will just have to happen.

I never thought that a child would come out of a relationship with Abby, but here she is. I can’t wait to introduce her to my parents. I don’t think they will make any trouble with Abby about it now. I think they will be so wrapped up with seeing their grandchild for the first time; she will have them going goo goo, ga ga, and make them forget about anything else.

Lil mama and I are doing really well. She is now on her maternity leave because she is due in one more month. In less than four weeks, we will be able to see and hold our baby. I have always wanted a son, and I’m so glad to know that lil mama will be the one who gives me a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Candace has been calling me, but I haven’t answered. If she is pregnant with my kid, I wanna see the DNA test. Since she can’t have one done yet, I will just have to wait and so will she. I cut off all ties with her—no sex, no talking, no texting, nothing at all. I don’t want any communication with her at all.

I have been working really hard to prove to my dad that I can be a good partner in his firm. I want to be the next partner at the firm, and the only one who can make that decision is my dad. The only way he can make such a decision is if I’m doing the right thing.

Everything is going so good. I pray that nothing happens to come and disrupt what I have been working so hard for, but right now I am loving my life and the people in it.



I couldn’t be more excited for the way things have been going between Khaleel and I. Once we found out that the little girl is actually his, things have been going great. Khaleel goes to see Ariel every other weekend, and sometimes during the week. He can’t get enough of his little girl and I don’t blame him. Having a baby is the most wonderful gift from God.

I have been working extremely hard for the bureau in an attempt to find out who killed those women. It has been almost two years, and still nothing. I am on maternity leave right now, and I am going to make the best of it. I wanna spend time for myself. I have been cooking every night for my man. I just want him to know how special he is to me. He put up the whole nursery by himself, with the help of his brother and friends, but it’s still beautiful

I am home, as usual, preparing dinner. Once I’m done, I go to relax on the sofa until Khaleel makes it home. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know, the doorbell is ringing. I’m not expecting anyone and since it’s only 4:30 in the afternoon, I just know it’s not him. I slowly make my way over to the door, and it seems to be so far. When I pull the door back, there’s a very pretty girl standing there, and she looks to be pregnant.

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