A Dope Boys' Legacy (A Hood Love Affair)

By: Teruka B


I give all praises to God almighty for giving me this amazing talent and for also giving me the strength even through tough times to be all that I can be.

I have to thank the most wonderful team that any girl would be glad to have. Shelli Marie has been more than a mentor to me, she has helped me to grab my talent by the reigns and embrace it. I will be eternally grateful to her. She really is a sister to me. To our amazingly talented cover designer Vassie Jr. Thank you so much love for all of your hard work. Your mother and I truly appreciate you.

To my babies Tijah, Kevin, and Ji'haud thanks so much for always hanging in there with me while I write and lock myself away from the world for hours at a time.

And last but certainly not least...the readers the love that you guys give me really gives me life. None of this would be possible without you. Hugs and kisses to you all.

Big shout out to Xhabir Ismaili for letting me use his name and for being my third son…

Much love and Respect to JeaNida for being an awesome test reader. Thanks for all of your support and feedback chica.

Chapter 1

Checking the rear view mirror from the passenger side of the SUV, Ahmad reached down and turned the radio up full blast allowing ‘Yo Gotti's ‘It goes down in the DM,’ to flow through the speakers. Trap music touched a part of his soul, and allowed his mind to travel to a place where he could handle the business at hand.

Ahmad was known on the streets simply as Grizz which was short for Grizzly Bear. He got his name because of his build and also the way he punished niggas in the street.

Ahmad stood six feet four inches, he sported a bald head and his skin was a nice shade of brown. His body was similar to LL Cool J. He was cut in all the right places.


Grizz gazed down at his watch noticing that it had been at least fifteen minutes since he had seen another car or person on the road. Isolation was always a good partner to have in his line of work, and Grizz loved it.

Grizz gave the signal to his driver and top enforcer Kiko, to pull into the dimly lit and partially constructed neighborhood. He glanced back at Kareem, who was laying in the backseat whimpering like a wounded animal. Grizz had already stopped listening to Kareem’s pleas miles back.

Those little niggas didn’t seem to understand the word ‘loyalty,’ and what it meant to take an oath. An oath was like blood. It was something that stained your very essence, and what you carried inside of you for life once taken.

Grizz continued looking at Kareem with disgust. That punk ass nigga didn't have the heart or dignity it took to be down with his crew. As good as he had been to him, how dare that nigga betray his trust? Shit, he had been in worse situations than the one Kareem was currently in, but he never let a motherfucker see his fear.

“I don’t get this shit!” Grizz shook his head wondering how the fuck that pussy nigga could have ever been one of his soldiers.

“How we doin’ back there Kareem?” Grizz taunted.

“Man listen to me bruh, you know I would never betray you like that my nigga. I know where my heart lies, so why would I set up the man who gives me my life?” Kareem groaned out in pain as he coughed up a little blood.

Grizz lined the car seats with black garbage bags, but it was an unnecessary precaution, due to the fact that he was going to have the car torched then crushed later. However being thorough was what had kept him from behind bars and out of the casket thus far.

Kareem moaned when he heard the sounds, and felt the vibrations of Kiko turning off of the asphalt onto the gravel dirt road.

“Grizz, man I think my damn leg broke bruh, shit you fucked up my knee with that bat earlier. Come on you know me, you know that I honor the brotherhood,” Kareem went on. “I ain’t one of them half ass niggas. I know the deal, and I would never betray you by talking to the fuckin’ feds. Toby was the one that was never all the way in with his oath, he the one, not me bruh. Come on Grizz you know me. You know me,” he pleaded.

“Yeah Kareem I know you, and we ‘bout to find out what is the real in a few minutes,” Grizz barked tossing his Black and Mild out the window.

Kiko stopped in front of a partially framed out home. The wood planks were up and the ground had been even awaiting the pouring of the concrete foundations.

It was times like those that his connection to the Italian Mafia really paid off. One thing he had learned some time ago was that the last thing that would get dug up was the foundation of a freshly built half of million dollar home. No way were those white folks about to go through that much trouble for some dead ass nigga.

“Aight Kareem get your ass the fuck out my shit,” Grizz calmly spoke as he opened the back door.

“Man I’m telling you my damn leg is broke,” Kareem moaned with tears streaming down his face.

Grizz was really getting sickened by that nigga more and more by the second. He pulled his gun out and placed it between Kareem’s eyes. “I said get your ass out the fucking car now!”

Kareem slowly sat up with his hands bound by handcuffs, but he managed to push himself up onto the seat. Sweat was pouring down his forehead, as he panted heavily sliding his injured leg outside of the car.

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