A Hood Tale 2:Rodney's Story

By: Jewelz

Chapter One

Rodney Larry Thomas was a man whom I loved since I was fifteen years old. Rodney was the first man that I allowed to enter my secret garden. He was not only sexy as hell, but he knew how to keep me satisfied. His sex game was on point. I didn’t have much to compare his sex to, however I knew that I was getting just what I needed by hearing what other females complain about with their man. Thinking about him always gets me wet, ooh I can still feel his touch when he isn’t around. I started to image how his big shaft was and how it would stand at attention whenever I was around. Seeing him at full attention would make me want to wrap my mouth around his dick and take as much as I could, as deep as I could, in my mouth until he touched my throat. I would work my tongue by sliding it up and down his dick and began to slurp on it like it as if it was a lollipop. His moans were loud but passionate as he enjoyed me.

“Ebonika, baby you know how daddy likes it.” Rodney would always say.

After I gave him the best head game ever and I knew he would be right at tip of explosion, I would push him backwards on the bed, and climb on top of his monster size shaft. I took every inch in my pussy when I rode him like I were at a rodeo. My pussy lips would tightly grip him and my juices would run down his big black snake like a river flowing downstream. I would begin to feel penetration, just as he would start to release his babies in me. We would both moan together. After our first release, we would start our lovemaking over again, lasting for hours. The way he makes love to me keeps me satisfied and it makes me not want to never stray from him.

I tried to remember everything that happen. Twenty-four hours ago, I was standing at the altar with Rodney Thomas.

I was still in shock. This bitch Kim had lost her fucking mind. I don’t know if she intended to shot me, or if Rodney was the real target. However, I had to find the underlying cause of this. I can’t believe after all we did to prepare for our wedding we didn’t even get married. I don’t know if it was a sign, or just bad fucking luck. I just know the man I loved most of my life was shot and I can’t have any contact with him for some bullshit the cops said he did. I was at the hospital trying to find ways to get into his room but they had him on black out. Fuck a black out, that’s my soon to be husband and I needed to know something.

I walked over to the officer who stood outside of Rodney’s room.

“Sir, can I please speak with my husband?” I was trying to be polite and speak with respected.

“Ma’am I have strict orders. No one can go in unless you are his lawyer or my superior has given me the okay.” The officer replied and he didn’t even look at me when he spoke.

I begin to walk toward him and speak aggressively. “I’m his wife. I need to talk to him in ordered to help him. What the fuck don’t you understand?”

“I can understand your frustration and I’m not the bad guy here.” He finally looked up. I know he felt the anger in my voice.

I was in his face now and waving my finger at him and my neck was rolling with all attitude. I said loudly. “Actually, you are the bad guy; you not letting me in. What in the hell am I supposed to do? Just sit here and let you tell me some bullshit? He has been shot and you guarding the door, what the fuck. I can’t help him escape,”

This officer irked my nerves. I needed to speak to Rodney to know what in the hell am I supposed to do. My mom grabbed me by my arm; she could tell I was upset.

“Ebonika, being here is not helping the situation. You going to have to get a lawyer.” my momma whispered in my ear aggressively.

My voice whined. “But momma I need to talk to him. I need to know more information and I know he needs me.”

“Yes, he does need you not to get into any trouble with your temper and mouth right now. It’s not safe for you to be here. I can’t afford for your ass to get lock up either. Once you get to the lawyer office, you can get answers. The doctors said he is awake and surgery went well. He is scheduled to be release in police custody, they said no later than three days.” Her voice firmed. It was not backing down to my mother. She meant what she said and that was it.

I quietly agreed. “Yeah I guess. I have million other things to figure out.”

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