A Pimp In Pumps

By: Nika Michelle


How it all began…

Atlanta, GA 1993

“A, get your sorry, black ass out here right fuckin’ now! I know yo’ cheatin’ ass is in there!” My mother, Jocelyn Sims screamed, pounding on the door of a seedy hotel room.

I sat, watching, strapped in the backseat of the Indigo blue, old model, box Chevy. Avery, also known as A, was my father and it was his car that my mom had been driving. His favorite color was blue, but at the moment none of that really seemed to matter. I was only six years old and I couldn’t understand any of what was going on. Since I could remember, there had always been chaos in my family life, so the scene unfolding in front of me was normal.

When I finally saw my father step outside, I suddenly got excited. My mom often resented the close bond that I had with him. Although I was close to her too, she used me to control him. She knew the level of love that he had for his only daughter/child and she often threatened to take me away from him. That would only tame him for a little while. I was his heart, so he did what he had to do to remain a constant in my life, despite the lifestyle he lived.

“Daddy!” My voice was loud to me, but he couldn’t hear over my mother’s yelling. “Daddy!”

They were still going at it when I got out of the car, closed the door and walked over to them.

“You still fuckin’ that hoe ain’t you!” Talkin’ ‘bout you doin’ what’s best for us! I was yo’ bottom bitch, but since I had Sasha it ain’t been the same. Now it’s all about that bitch Laila. You don’t want me no more. Do you? Havin’ a child damaged me.” My mother’s hands were on her hips as she rolled her neck with an attitude.

“Take my baby girl home now, or I’m gon’ fuck you up! I mean that shit!”

My eyes lingered on the blue alligator skin Stacey Adams that he was known for wearing.

“I thought I told you to stay in the car Sasha. Get back in the car,” mommy snapped.

My pops looked over at me. “Go get in the car sweetie.”


In the blink of an eye my whole universe shifted.

“He told you he don’t want you, you old loose pussy ass bitch! Y’en makin’ no money for big daddy! I am. Don’t bite the hand that feeds yo’, dry, worn out ass!” A tall, dark skinned, scantily clad chick with light eyes and a long, blonde wig went off when she stepped out of the room.

“Make him money? Been there. Done that. I had his only child! Top that bitch!”

My mother and the woman was all up in each other’s face while my father was walking toward me. My eyes were on him and when he picked me up I heard three loud pops that sounded like fire crackers on the fourth of July. The only difference was the sound ended too fast.

When I looked back my mother was laying on the concrete bleeding from multiple gun-shot wounds. My young mind couldn’t comprehend what was going on, but my father was aware. The rivalry between my mom and his new bottom bitch had been going on for years, but that night it had come to a head.

“Laila, what the fuck?” My pops put me down and headed toward her, forgetting all about me.

“I’m sorry daddy.” She dropped the gun on the dirty concrete and he picked it up.

She was grown, so why did she call him daddy too?

“Do you realize what the fuck you just did?” He jacked her up and then gave her a back hand to the face. “Bitch! You just killed my baby mama!”

He looked over at me. “Get in the car Sasha!”

My father’s booming voice was enough to let me know that he was serious as hell. I got back in the car thinking that my mother and father would just get in with me and we were going to go home. Confused and scared, I watched my father point the gun at her.

Pop! Pop!

The loud woman’s body dropped and I looked away not knowing what to make of everything. My young mind couldn’t fathom the fact that I had just witnessed two murders occur.

When the car’s door opened and he got behind the wheel I had to ask.

“Where’s mommy?”

“She’s gone baby.”


What did he mean? She had just driven us to where he was. She was just standing there and then I saw her collapse on the ground after the popping sound. I didn’t get it? Although I knew what a gun was and what it was capable of, my naïve mind didn’t want to face the truth.

“Gone where?” I asked innocently as a dreaded feeling took over me. We had left her back there.

He hit the gas and we were on the interstate before he answered. “Your mommy’s dead baby girl. It’s just me and you now.”

“No, she ain’t. Go back and get mommy!” Then it occurred to me that the other woman had killed her and my heart sank as the butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

The tears started and my father looked over at me. “Stop cryin’ baby girl.”

He didn’t show much emotion, unless he was angry, but he was always affectionate and loving toward me. As he reached over to wipe my tears away I sniffed, trying to get them under control.

“Big girls don’t cry and you’re a big girl right?”

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