A Ring for Vincenzo's Heir

By: Jennie Lucas

“Does anyone here present...”

Scarlett Ravenwood takes an enormous risk interrupting Vincenzo Borgia’s wedding. He’s rich and powerful, whereas she’s penniless and alone, but she needs his help...to protect their unborn child!

Vincenzo’s furious that Scarlett kept the pregnancy from him, but to claim his heir he has no other option than to make her his wife.

Scarlett hadn’t imagined a 24 carat diamond would feel so heavy; it weighs on the ache in her heart. Because she might not get the one, truly priceless, thing she desires...for his heart is off-limits!

Why did Scarlett have such power over him?

For the last two weeks, since she’d left him standing on Madison Avenue with a stunned look on his face, he’d thought of nothing else. All Vin’s considerable resources had been dedicated to one task: finding her.

She was in his blood. He hadn’t been able to forget her. Not from the first moment he’d seen her in that bar. From the moment he’d first taken her in his arms. From the moment she’d disappeared from his bed after the best sex of his life.

From the moment she’d violently crashed his wedding and told him she was pregnant with his baby.

Scarlett Ravenwood was half-angel, half-demon. There was a reason he hadn’t seduced any other woman for over eight months—an eternity for a man like Vin. He’d been haunted by Scarlett: haunted body and soul, driven half mad by memories of her naked in his arms.

Scarlett was the woman for him. The one he wanted. And he intended to have her.

One Night With Consequences

When one night...leads to pregnancy!

When succumbing to a night of unbridled desire it’s impossible to think past the morning after!

But, with the sheets barely settled, that little blue line appears on the pregnancy test and it doesn’t take long to realise that one night of white-hot passion has turned into a lifetime of consequences!

Only one question remains:

How do you tell a man you’ve just met that you’re about to share more than just his bed?

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Look for more One Night With Consequences coming soon!


“YOU HAVE TWO CHOICES, Scarlett.” Her ex-boss’s greedy eyes slowly traveled from her pregnant belly to the full breasts straining the fabric of her black maternity dress. “Either you sign this paperwork to give your baby away when it’s born, and become my wife immediately, or...”

“Or what?” Scarlett Ravenwood tried to move away from the papers he was pushing toward her. But the man’s overmuscled bulk took up most of the backseat of the limousine.

“Or...I’ll have Dr. Marston declare you insane. And have you committed.” His fleshy lips curved into a pleasant smile. “For your own safety, of course. Because any sane woman would obviously wish to marry me. And then you’ll lose your baby anyway, won’t you?”

Scarlett stared at him, barely seeing the gleaming buildings of Manhattan passing behind him as they drove down Fifth Avenue. Blaise Falkner was handsome, rich. And a monster.

“You’re joking, right?” She gave an awkward laugh. “Come on, Blaise. What century do you think we’re living in?”

“The century a rich man can do whatever he wants. To whomever he wants.” Reaching out, he twisted a tendril of her long red hair around a thick finger. “Who’s going to stop me? You?”

Scarlett’s mouth went dry. For the last two years, she’d lived in his Upper East Side mansion as nursing assistant for his dying mother, and over that time Blaise had made increasingly forceful advances. Only his imperious mother, horrified at the thought of her precious heir lowering himself to the household help, had kept him at bay.

But now Mrs. Falkner was dead, and Blaise was rich beyond imagination. While Scarlett was nothing more than an orphan who’d come to New York desperate for a job. Ever since she’d arrived, she’d been isolated in the sickroom, obeying the sharp orders of nurses and doing the worst tasks caring for a fretful, mean-spirited invalid. She had no friends in New York. No one to take her side against him.


No, she told herself desperately. Not him.

She couldn’t. Wouldn’t.

But what if Blaise was right? What if she escaped him and went to the police, and they didn’t believe her? Could he and his pet psychiatrist find a way to carry through with his threat?

When he’d crassly propositioned her at the funeral that morning—literally over his mother’s grave!—she’d tried to laugh it off, telling him she was leaving New York. To her surprise, he’d courteously offered a ride to the bus station. Ignoring her intuition’s buzz of warning, she’d accepted.

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