All I Want (Summer Haven #2)

By: Jody Morse & Jayme Morse

Chapter 1


“He looks just like Channing Tatum,” Matt whispered to me as he pointed his chin across the bar. I followed his gaze to a guy who stood about six foot tall with short brown hair and a toothpick-thin body that was far from Magic Mike-worthy.

“I don’t see any resemblance.” I was pretty sure the guy in question must have thought he looked like Channing Tatum or some other A-list celebrity. An unattractive amount of confidence just seemed to permeate the air around him.

Matt glanced over at me with wide eyes. “Are you serious? The two of them could almost pass for identical twins.”

“I think you need glasses. The only thing they have in common is that they’re both brunettes.”

“I wish Hannah was here with us right now. She would agree with me.”

“And then I would say you both need to see an eye doctor,” I said with a laugh as I took a sip of my drink and then wrinkled my nose. I’d never been the type to drink fruity shit, but I’d gotten the bright idea to order a Sex on the Beach since we were drinking at a beachside bar. The only reason I was actually forcing myself to drink it was because it had cost me eight freaking bucks.

“I think our vision’s fine, thank you very much.” Matt shot me a sly grin, and then his expression transformed into a serious one. “You know, it’s sort of strange. You used to think every guy who walked into a bar was cute.”

“Not every guy. I do have standards.”

“But I think your standards might make you end up with only a feline companion someday. You’ve gotten to be so picky lately.”

“I guess my tastes have changed.” I shrugged. Adding a playful glare, I said, “But that doesn’t mean I’ll become an old cat lady.”

He smiled sheepishly. “Anyway, what do you think about going to Club 47 while we’re here this week?”

“I don’t know...,” I replied hesitantly.

“Why not? It would be so much fun.”

“I’m just not sure if I’m really in the clubbing mood.” Or in the mood to do anything that would involve being in the same room with a bunch of single, horny guys, for that matter.

“When aren’t you in the mood to get dolled up and go dancing?” He reached over and pressed the back of his hand to my forehead.

I batted his arm away. “I’m not physically sick. I’m just sick of the club scene.”

I expected him to tease me about it more (because when doesn’t he?), but he didn’t. Instead, he flicked his eyes around the room, searching for the guy he’d had his eyes on. He let out a heavy sigh as the Channing Tatum Lookalike made his way over to a blonde girl, who he wrapped his arm around.

“And another one bites the dust.”

“Don’t worry. There are plenty of other fish in the sea,” I assured him.

“Maybe, but not many who you could recreate a Step Up scene with,” he replied sadly. Then a moment later, he perked up. “Move over Channing Tatum Lookalike. Do you see that guy who just walked into the bar? He’s a dead ringer for Orlando Bloom!”

“Okay, I do sort of see it this time,” I admitted, studying the guy’s brown locks. “I think you compare guys to celebrities way too much. And it’s really not a good thing to do. You know why?”

“No.” He shook his head and glanced over at me. “Why?”

“Okay, so let’s just pretend you were to go out with a guy who looked just like Adam Levine, for example. And then that guy turns out to be the biggest douchebag you’ve ever met. You guys end whatever it was you had going on between the two of you, and you end up with a broken heart...” I paused, swallowing hard and gazing off into the distance. “You’d never be able to watch The Voice again or listen to ‘One More Night’ without thinking of said asshole ex-boyfriend.”

“That would be sad,” Matt agreed. “Tragic, really. I love Adam Levine.”

“Then you definitely don’t want to get involved with a guy who looks like him. Trust me.”

He eyed me curiously.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked self-consciously.

“You sound like you’re speaking from personal experience, Teag. Since when were you ever with an Adam Levine lookalike?”

“I wasn’t,” I replied, probably a little too quickly. And technically it was the truth, because the guy I had been with didn’t look like Adam Levine; he looked like an older version of Liam Hemsworth. I can’t even tell you how hard it is to actually focus on watching The Hunger Games when all you can do is think about the fact that you’ve had your heart broken by a guy who looks just like Gale. And that wasn’t the only thing the two of them had in common, either; my Liam Hemsworth Lookalike might as well have just hunted me down and shot an arrow straight through my heart, considering that was the way it felt sometimes, anyway.

“Hmm,” Matt murmured. “Okay, Teag. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your ex guy friend that doesn’t look anything like Adam Levine.” His eyes glittered with amusement. “The good news for me is that, while I do think he’s one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, Orlando Bloom has never been one of my favorite actors. I don’t think I could sit through another one of those God awful Pirates of the Caribbean movies again if I tried.”

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