Alluring Infatuation

By: Skye Turner & Kari Ayasha

Book 4 Bayou Stix


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Chapter One



I saw her as soon as I stepped off the bus from the airport. How could I miss her? The sun was reflecting off the blonde hair piled messily on top of her head. She was laughing at something the pool boy was saying as he handed her some pink, frilly drink with a blue umbrella. The umbrella matched her bikini which perfectly showcased her curves.

Her laugh was musical. I couldn’t see her eyes because they were hidden behind mirrored aviators, but something told me they would be light. I bet they’re blue.

The tap on my arm alerts me to the fact that the pretty driver is speaking to me, and apparently has been for a bit. Shifting my attention from the alluring blonde near the pool, I smile sheepishly at her and shrug. “I’m sorry; I spaced out. I apologize. I have no idea what you were just saying.” Her eyes swing toward the pool before returning to my own. “I understand your distraction. The scenery over there is quite beautiful,” she says with a smile.

Unintentionally, my gaze returns to the pool. The aviators are pointed in my direction. Pulling my own shades down, I wink. Her mouth pops open. Smiling, I turn and head into the hotel to get checked in.

After getting settled into the room, I decide to investigate the pool. Maybe the blonde is still there. Spending a few days with her in this tropical paradise wouldn’t be a hardship. I check myself out in the mirror and I see a tall, fit body. My shoulders are defined. My arms are toned and tight and show off my many tattoos. My chest is also chiseled and tattooed and my torso is long and sculpted. I work my ass off for this body and I’m proud of it. The appreciation from the opposite sex doesn’t hurt either.

Lord, I need this break. Things have been insane at home. We just finished a tour with the band. Jude got married. Jessie got engaged. Who the hell would have thought that would ever happen?! My sister is home from California and all I want to do is protect her from the evils of the world, but she and Liam both live in my house now and it’s like a damn warzone. Those two are constantly at each other’s throats. My sweet little sister is just what my philandering band mate needs, and both want the other fiercely, yet both are too outraged at the others mere existence to figure it out. Something needs to happen with them, and soon, or everyone is going to be miserable. Thankfully, I left them alone together while I’m away to figure it out, whichever way it goes, while I catch some sun and decompress.

My inner reflections take me to the hotel lobby and I can’t help but scan the pool occupants through the floor to ceiling windows as I make my way to the doors. The blonde’s chair is empty. A slight sense of disappointment sweeps through me.

Since the object of my thoughts is not at the pool, I bypass it and head down to the white sand of the beach. The waves are crashing onto the shore as the palm fronds wave in the breeze. The scent and sounds of the beach instantly soothe me. Scanning the loungers, I find one that is far enough away from anyone so that I should be able to just listen to the waves and relax.

As I plop down onto the plush cushions, I’m approached by a resort employee who asks if I’d like anything from the bar. I order a Corona. Within minutes he’s back with my beer and tells me his name is Juan. He’s a little fidgety, but I chalk it up to his being young.

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