Bear to the Rescue(Bear Claw Security Book 3)

By: Terry Bolryder

Then he could get back to work.

* * *

Regan tried to ignore the screams from her body to go back and take everything that big, gorgeous bear shifter was offering.

She didn’t buy his chivalrous, good-guy act. Not for one moment. Sure, he was movie star handsome, with wavy blond hair, a huge muscular body, and a protective streak as big as the Mississippi.

But he was a bear shifter—an alpha bear shifter at that—and she knew what trouble those were.

The problem was her body didn’t. Her body thought a little bit of Bronson might be just what Regan needed about now.

Her body didn’t know shit.

She tapped her foot impatiently, waiting for the elevator to stop. When it did and the doors opened, she poked out her head tentatively.

She was always on guard lately. In fact, the job at Bear Claw Security had come at the right time. She’d upset some serious losers, and while she didn’t think they could really do anything to her and she expected their online threats would stay online, she didn’t mind being surrounded by humongous, ex-military shifters in the meantime.

She genuinely liked Cage and his mate Carrie. They were a sweet couple who’d been friends since childhood and been through a lot to be together.

The kind of romance she never expected to happen to her. It was too late for that.

Hercules was nice, too. Always gentlemanly, despite having a wild, untamed appearance with his long mane of hair. But his face was gentle, kind, and masculine.

He was the type she should be going for, if she were willing to mate a shifter at all.

But she wasn’t, and besides, her traitorous body wanted that fake Bronson, with his gentle smiles that turned predatory as soon as there was something he wanted.

She knew it was partially her fault. She liked to goad him, even though she knew the result was him using his closeness against her. She secretly even liked the way she reacted to him, the way her body heated in response to so much hot, clean, sexy male.

Bronson was top shelf bear shifter. His family was pure-blooded, going generations back. Incredibly wealthy and known as elitist in the bear shifter community. The same kind of family her father had come from, before he’d gone slumming with her mom and then abandoned them with nothing.

A growl sounded from her stomach, reminding her she’d skipped lunch, as she often did while working. As she walked to her car, she ticked off the different options for lunch.

Not in the mood for Chinese. Maybe Indian? Italian?

She stopped a few yards from her car, prickles going up her spine. Something didn’t seem right. She could just sense it. Despite being only half bear, her ability to sense things was strong.

“Who’s there?” she called out, feeling watched. But no one answered. She just heard the gentle howl of wind moving through the parking garage. Sunlight streamed from the entrance at the other side. She looked both ways and took a wide circle around her car.

As she came to an angle where she could view the side, she saw a shadowy figure, wearing a dark hoodie, stand up abruptly.

Someone had been hiding by her car, waiting for her.

Her heart pounded as the person looked right at her, face shaded by a low hood and sunglasses as well.

For a moment, her body froze, uncertain if she should run or chase him.

Then he turned and darted for the exit, and her flight response kicked in, sending her barreling back toward the building wildly, aiming for the elevator.

She screamed when she ran straight into something hard. She beat against it, panicked, and then found her hands caught in vises and held out to the sides.

She struggled wildly until she heard a familiar voice.

“Whoa, Regan. Calm down. It’s me. It’s Bronson.”

She looked up into his sky-blue eyes, intense with concern, and humiliation flooded her. Even though she knew she should be grateful he’d come to check on her, her smart mouth got the best of her.

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better?”

His handsome mouth tightened as he slowly released her and stepped back. “You okay?”

She let out a shaky breath. “Yeah. I’m sorry. Just startled.”

“You fought like a wildcat,” he said, scratching his head. “But maybe we should teach you some actual self-defense.”

“I can fight okay,” she said. “I was just panicked.”

Bronson rolled his eyes, not buying her bullshit. “That’s the point of being able to fight. You have to do it when you’re panicked.”

She rolled her eyes and pushed past him to the elevator. “Yeah, and I bet you’re never panicked.”

“I panicked just now, when I saw you running toward me,” he said quietly, holding the door to the elevator for her.

She looked at it, suddenly remembering she’d been trying to go home. “I’m… uh… going the other way.”

“Not anymore you aren’t,” Bronson said, pulling her into the elevator with him.

“Let go of me,” she said, jerking out of his reach, not liking how little warm, electric shocks seemed to cover her skin whenever he touched her. “No need to manhandle me.”

“You could use a good manhandling,” he muttered.

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