Beautiful Lies

By: Dominique Thomas

Authors Note

Hi! I first want to continue to praise God for giving me this talent. I am so blessed and thankful for all that he has done for me. If you feel all is lost, please give him a try, you won’t be disappointed.

I wanna thank my family and friends. I lost a lot of family last year, and my heart still weeps for them. Uncle Henry, Keith, and Steve you all will never be forgotten. Steve, there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about you. I pray you have peace now.

To my pen sisters and to Shan, I wish you all nothing but success for 2016. Our possibilities really are endless.

I also wanna say thank you to the reader for giving this book a chance. This is a story of Hayward and his sisters, but it turned into so much more. If you have read my work, then you were blessed with a look into many of my other character’s lives.

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Harlow-Hayden-Elijah-Inga (The Way That I Love You series)

Mauri- Jessenia (Bleeding Love)

Durand- Trill- Malano- Gianni (book coming soon)

I really hope you enjoy this book. If this is your first time reading a story by me, I would highly recommend my other series just so you can see where their friend’s stories originated at. Like my work, please leave me a review, and also find me on the web.

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Thanks again for reading the book. I owe all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Twin sisters Mercy and Mack are what some would consider Detroit socialites. They live carefree lives until they fall unexpectedly for two men. Quincy is forbidden fruit for Mercy. Her father has ordered her to stay away from him, and that becomes something almost impossible for her to do. Mack is happy with her girlfriend, Charity, until she meets Kaemon. He's demanding, intriguing, and the first man to ever get her attention. She finds herself enthralled with him only to discover he has a closet full of skeletons that are just waiting to fall out. Ivy and Quinn have one thing in common, Hayward. He's the love of both of their lives, and they soon find themselves wrapped up in a web of deceit. It makes them question if he is even worth all of the pain and heartache.

Follow these women as they deal with love, loss, and heartache which all starts because of a couple of beautiful lies.

Chapter One


“Mercy, did you see that nigga!” Ivy yelled as we sat inside of a popular after-hours spot on the east side of Detroit. I smiled at her as I continued to look down at my hand. This was the last game of the night, and it was worth ten thousand dollars. Fuck a nigga, I had money on my mind and this dude’s, next to me, beautiful new Rolex. I smiled at him as I seductively licked my lips. He eyed them then my cleavage. I leaned up so he could get a better view of my breasts, and so I could get a better view of his hand. We both got what we wanted in the end. He had nothing but a Club in his shit. I was definitely winning this book.

“Alright, Mercy, drop your card,” Mack said across from me. I smiled at her and slowly dropped my card. My Ace of Spade sat on the table like it was the HBIC. I smiled sitting back. The two dudes next to us dropped their cards while talking all kinds of shit.

“Yeah, yeah y’all know how it goes, cough up the money,” Mack said smiling. Mack was my fraternal twin, yet we were nothing alike. I liked men she liked women. I liked shopping, she liked chilling on the block. I went to school for nails, and well she went to school for cutting hair.

“Look, Mack, keep your damn sister up out of here!” The bitter player with the Rolex said glaring at me. I smirked at him while collecting the money. Mack and I would split it later. Fuck what he was talking about, I needed to get his damn watch now.

“Look, if all you had was this money you should have stayed at home any damn way,” I said throwing salt on his wound. He looked at me frowning. I knew he wanted to talk shit, but he knew better.

“I swear man… man yall, Yaasmin bitches is lucky,” he mumbled standing up. “If y’all was smart, y’all would stay on y’all side of the hood. The east side belongs to Percy. I mean you would think your moms being paralyzed would show y’all he wasn’t nothing to fuck with,” he said with a little bit more bass in his voice. Mack and I both jumped up with Ivy behind us. Just hearing him speak on our mother had us all heated. Mack was the first one to hit him with a bottle. Ivy and I were next. The end of my heel was digging a hole in his head until we were pulled off of him.

“Aye, calm that shit down! Calm the fuck down up in here with that shit!” Hayward yelled holding me back. His childhood friend Kasam was holding back Mack while Kasam’s brother Aamil held back Ivy. The now no Rolex having ass lame slowly stood up groaning. He held his bloody eye while looking at us. He opened his mouth to say something, and Hayward shot him a look, he quickly left out with his partner following behind him. Hayward let me go the minute he walked out of the door. I slipped on his Rolex, and Hayward’s green eyes peered down at me questioningly.

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