Broken:Abducted Beauty

By: Candace Campbell

Book 0ne

Chapter 1

VERONICA HAD TEARS pouring down her face as she let out a scream. It was a scream of horror, of heartbreak, and of stolen dreams. Something came over her, a dark fury of rage and power. She couldn't control herself; she didn’t know what she was doing and it all happened so fast.

Twenty two years of pain and torture and she couldn’t take one more minute. Veronica was running out of hope. She had been paralyzed for so many years by the hope she had in her heart, but finally she broke free. How she got to that moment in her life she didn’t quite know, nor did she know how she let herself live that way for so long. She didn’t plan for it to happen; she didn’t want it to end the way it did, and she was petrified of the horrible acts that had led up to that event in her life, but she couldn’t take them back.

Sometimes in life there are only two options, and in Veronica Burns’ case, both options had unfortunate endings. It wouldn’t have mattered what she chose, it was all going to end that night. She was shaking and her heart was beating so fast, but she was alive—even if she still had to deal with the effects of her tragic life. She didn’t know she was capable of such terrible things, but she was broken, way past the deep end. She was drowning in her own pain and sorrow.


Veronica stopped and looked out the big bay window of her father’s house to see a flash of lightning. It shook her whole body and sent shivers down her spine. She saw the rain sliding down the glass of the window and it looked like teardrops. Were they teardrops from heaven? Were the Angels condemning her for her sins? She felt angry and betrayed. Why should she care about heaven? The Angels had never protected her before. She felt alone in the world.

Veronica stood looking out the window. It was dark and eerie outside. The winds were harsh, the rain strong, pouring down, and the thunder and lightning were terrifying. But she wished she could be outside, even in the storm. Outside looked better than being in her own home. Was anyone really safe in their own house? Behind closed doors—just because a door is shut and nothing on the outside can get to you doesn’t mean you’re safe. You could be trapped inside with far worse things than the wind and rain.


Another bolt of lightning flashed before Veronica’s eyes and it woke her up from her horrific moment, but the nightmare wasn't yet over. When she looked down at her hands, she saw they were covered in blood. The blood dripped off her fingertips and fell onto the floor where her father’s lifeless body lay. His eyes were still open, looking up at her. She was horrified by what she had done, but she was frozen there looking into his soulless eyes; frozen, terrified by the horrific acts she had committed. There was no going back now. Veronica was heartbroken, but at the same time she didn’t want to go back. She wished it didn’t happen the way it did. At the same time she had a sense of peace now that her father was dead.

Looking down at his lifeless body and gazing into his eyes, Veronica got lost in thought for a moment.

Ding, Ding, Ding!

The old grandfather clock in the living room chimed seven times. Veronica caught her breath and tried to break free from her memories, but the nightmare wasn’t over and she didn’t know how to wake up.

Veronica stood up and looked at the clock; her sisters would be home soon. What was she going to do? Up until that point, everything had just happened. Veronica only had two options; one, she could phone the police and tell them the truth or run.

Veronica looked around the house. It was beautiful. Everything in that house was perfect; every item had its place. Nothing was out of order. The house was a combination of new and old. Veronica looked at all the family pictures of her and her sisters on the walls and fireplace mantel. It was the facade of a happy family from the outside looking in. The house appeared to be a great place to live. Her father had worked hard to make a name for himself. He was a very wealthy man and many people admired him. Veronica hated him so much for everything he had done to her and her sisters, but a part of her still wanted to please her father.

She couldn’t let the outside world know their family secrets. Veronica would protect herself and her sisters from the shame, and in some ways she was still protecting her father. Running was her only option. It would be better to run and be all alone out there somewhere in the world than to stay and tell the horrible truth. Veronica didn’t want people to know what she and her sisters had been through. She didn’t want to be pitied by others. She didn’t want to see shameful eyes watching her.

Veronica didn’t care about going to jail. She knew the cops would catch her someday, but she didn’t want to tell the truth just yet; she just wasn’t ready to let everything out.

Veronica wiped her tears away, walked into the bathroom, and washed the blood off her hands. She looked at herself in the mirror and she saw her face was bruised and her neck and shoulder were scratched and bleeding. She cleaned herself up quickly and went to her room. She changed her bloody clothes and packed her bags. She went into the girl’s bathroom and took everything she could find; makeup, hair dye, straightener, blow-dryer, pads. Veronica went into her father’s office and broke open his safe looking for something she didn’t find. Evidence, proof of anything, but there was nothing but money in the safe. Veronica took all the money that her father had in the safe. She grabbed her bags and took them to her car.

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