Burke's Law

By: Lyssa Samuels

Mates of the Lost Wolves 1

Chapter 1


Burke Chastain looked up from his seat behind his desk in his office of the alpha home. No one was in the office but him. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and scratched at his close beard. He’d been working non-stop for the past twenty-four hours. He was so exhausted, he was now hearing voices. He was seriously needing some sleep, but his bed held no rest or solace for him.

It wasn’t that he had a construction deadline that he had to meet or paperwork that needed to be completed. He was restless. No matter how hard he tried to relax, he couldn’t. Something was niggling at him and was making a real ache throb within his chest. A picture of a man he had often seen in his dreams kept replaying in his mind. That handsome man had been his source of comfort for many years.

The thing of it was, the man was not some vision of a romantic fantasy for him, although, heavens above, he was the epitome of sexiness. This man was very real. Burke had seen him in his dreams since he had been a teenager. At first it had been the sight of a boy younger than himself who could be his friend. As the years had passed, that young boy had grown and matured into a handsome man with blue eyes that reflected his kindness and humor. That small, scraggly boy had become a tall, muscular man who exuded power. He also blanketed Burke with feelings of caring and tenderness. Burke looked forward to his dreams each night so he could exist in the presence of the man he already thought of as his.

Lately, those dreams had stopped being comforting. He still dreamed of the man each night, but the dreams had turned into nightmares. Now, there was fear within the man’s eyes. There was sorrow. And there was pain. Each night, the man reached out to him, silently begging him for help.

It had eaten away at Burke’s gut. He had no idea who the man was or what was causing him such agony. He was frustrated by the fact that he couldn’t go to him and help him.


The feminine voice called to him again, pulling him from his thoughts and frustrations. He looked up, growling. His wolf was agitated. His man was just as pissed off.

“Whoever you are, show yourself,” Burke demanded. “I’m not in the mood for this shit.”

The area directly in front of his desk shimmered with an iridescent light. Burke’s hazel-blue eyes narrowed in annoyance. This was not what he needed right now.

The woman who suddenly appeared before him as if from nothing was stunningly beautiful. She was small in stature, but great power radiated from her like a beacon to his soul. He could sense her goodness. When she smiled at him, her brown eyes twinkled as if she knew some secret that was giving her great amusement.

Her long, golden-brown hair was floating around her as if she was being caressed by a gentle breeze. She wore a dress of the softest pink that hugged her body like a fitted toga with a satiny sash of white tied beneath her breasts. On her right bicep, there was an armband of highly polished metal with several trinkets that hung from short chains. He had the sudden urge to kneel before her.

“You need not kneel, Burke,” she told him gently, her voice soft.

“Who are you?” Burke asked, his voice softening noticeably.

“I have come to you to ask for help,” the woman told him, reaching out to touch his shoulder lightly.

At that moment of contact, he felt a rush of understanding wash over him. This woman was the goddess Lanaya. She was someone he had often prayed to as a young wolf when he had been afraid. She was the one who always made him feel as if everything was going to be all right—and then it wasn’t. He hadn’t prayed to Lanaya in a very long time.

“I think you’ve come to the wrong guy, Lanaya,” Burke said, his deep voice gruff once again.

“Alpha Burke,” Lanaya stopped him. “The very fact that you know who I am should prove to you that you are meant to help me.”

“Help you do what?”

“You and your pack are needed to help a group of men who are escaping from a life of cruelty. They are traveling from the hidden plane of Tuath to seek refuge on your world of Andivoy.”

Burke knew of Tuath. It was said to be home to many magical creatures. He couldn’t imagine what could cause such powerful beings to flee that beautiful world.

“Why do they need refuge?”

“These men are good men who carry a great secret within them. They need your help and your protection,” Lanaya said gently, but there was an urgency in her voice. “They are in grave danger. They will barely escape with their lives.”

“Escape from what?” Burke asked, standing as his wolf pushed forward. He didn’t understand why his wolf was suddenly so interested, but he wasn’t going to question the fact that he was. His wolf’s instincts had never been wrong.

“These gentle and kind men were stolen from their homes and have been held by a group of men whose evilness knows no bounds,” Lanaya said with anger. “They are going to be sold to men who want them for only one purpose. They will be nothing more than slaves.”


Burke’s wolf growled angrily within him, clawing at Burke’s chest and demanding to be released. The very thought of another person suffering the indignities and pain of a life of slavery raised the hackles of his wolf and the humanity in his man. The scars on his back and thighs that he had received from the silver coated whip pulsed with remembered torture and unimaginable pain at the hands of Master Z. He would never forget how he and his friends had been taken, beaten, and forced to serve a man who had used them as slave labor to build his empire of cruelty.

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