Canyon:The Traveler Series Book Two

By: Tom Abrahams

“That changes things.”

“I’ll be f-f-fine,” Pierce stammered. His jaw was beginning to ache from his chattering teeth. The temperature had dropped what felt like fifteen degrees in a few seconds. The rain was beating down, slapping Pierce’s neck and arms with a cold sting.

The General’s voice was hollow and digitally distorted. “Hello?”

“Hello?” Pierce pulled the phone from his ear and looked at the signal. It was almost non-existent. He pressed a button to end the call, wiped the screen with the tail of his shirt, and stood to stuff it back into his pants.

“Pierce?” A voice called from behind him.

Pierce spun as thunder shuddered through his shivering body. A flash of lightning revealed a dark figure standing a few feet from him. Pierce couldn’t make out the man’s features, but he knew who it was and saw the gun in his hand.

“What are you doing, Pierce?” Marcus Battle asked the question as if he already knew the answer.

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