Caught Red Handed (The Caught Series Book 6)

By: C.M. Steele

Chapter 1


I stared at Tito for a long moment. My eyes narrowed as I tried to comprehend what he had just told me. It was time for our weekly bookkeeping meeting before heading to the club, when he came in and gave me some shocking and suspicious news. I tapped my lip with my index finger, then shook my head. “What do you mean he’s been murdered?” The idea that a man who was in hot water with the government, his job, and myself would end up murdered seemed a bit off. If anyone was going to kill him, it would be me, and I hadn’t offed the bastard. I wanted my money. Even if I had him sell off his things, I’d get my money back.

He sat back in the chair in front of my desk, shaking his head. “They found his car abandoned and covered in blood. They believe he was iced and the heat is going to be coming down on us as the suspects.” I didn’t buy that shit for nothing. It was too convenient for him.

Tito was tripping for no reason. Sometimes I wondered why I kept his scary ass on as the head of my security. He was worried about everything, even though we kept our noses clean— for the most part. “Calm down. They don’t have shit on us, and we had nothing to do with that bastard’s death. If he’s even dead.”

“You don’t think so?” He arched his brow, looking goofy as hell.

I was shrugging the disappearance off for now. People were too duplicitous. I wouldn’t have even lent him that money if he hadn’t been vouched for by the damn mayor. I’d take it out of the mayor’s ass if I had to. He’d end up giving me my money because the mayor had a lot to lose, and I was one of the few who could manage to take it. “It’s possible. He burns his nostrils with coke from his dealers and the money has probably dried up. He owes us more than he could ever pay back under my terms, so the fucker was either killed by one of his hookers or the coke dealers or it’s bullshit. I wouldn’t put shit past him. Remember, the fucker tried to sell me his daughter’s cherry for a payoff? No pussy is worth that much money, and as screwed up as I am, I’m not that fucking twisted. I got five that says he’s alive and playing dead.”

“And if he is we’ll take care of the problem when we find him.” Tito and I were longtime friends and, in truth, I wondered if he was eager to take over for me. I’d been disinterested in everything for a couple of months now.

“Exactly. Keep me up to date with what’s going on with the investigation. Now, let’s get this shit done. The club is going to be busy tonight and my patience is thin.” He nodded, and we went to work getting the numbers taken care of. I remembered why I kept him around - Tito was a numbers man. He got it done in half the time and always got my money, unless you had one of these fools coming up dead. I shook my head and tossed back a glass of Disaronno. A chill came over me as we left the house. I felt like something was going to go down tonight. “Stay aware, Tito.”

“Of course, boss.”

Chapter 2


I sat on my bed, thinking that what I was going to do was insane. This wasn’t for the faint of heart. Most seasoned cops wouldn’t go undercover. I wasn’t even a cop, just a kid with the passion to avenge a life stolen from me and get rid of the bad guys. My own bullheadedness got me into this mess. Once this was over, if I made it out alive, I would get far away from here and enroll in a school where no one had any idea who I was or where I came from.

I went into the bathroom and washed my face. It was time to prepare for the assignment. If I pulled this off, it would be a miracle. I didn’t know anything about the man I was supposed to keep an eye on, but he was a gangster. Having seen what the mob could do, I wanted them gone and away from civilized society.

I grabbed the curling iron and worked it through my hair, using the spray and mist in my hair to keep the curl without turning to a woman from an 80’s music video. Next was makeup, this was going to be the fun part. I’d never worn make up more than lipstick or gloss. It took me an hour and a pack of Neutrogena makeup wipes to manage a decent look.

The slutty, street walking, stripper outfit was next. Thank my freaking stars that I was getting a ride to the place or I wouldn’t make it there before getting picked up by the cops or maybe even assaulted by someone on the street.

I spun around to the floor length mirror behind my door. “Wow,” I whispered to myself. The halter top and skirt were excessive, but I looked freaking sexy. The heels were a perfect fit and felt comfortable enough that I would get by without looking like a newborn calf, stumbling like a fool. I used to wear my mother’s shoes when I was little, but it had been so long that I had needed days of practice. Now, I managed to even spin in a circle without falling on my ass.

From head to toe, I was dressed to work in a strip club. All I was missing was the nerve to show myself to these people. I ran over the story I was given and prepared to lie my ass off. Maybe I wouldn’t even see the owner of the club. It could be a waste of time if he didn’t even make deals in there. Criminals like him were too smart for it. They only got nailed when someone ratted on them.

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