Celina (Connelly Cousins #1)

By: Abbie Zanders

The Connelly Cousins, Volume 1


Cover design by the amazing (and extremely patient) Kim Killion of The Killion Group, Inc.

Professional editing by the incomparable M. E. Weglarz of megedits.com, a woman with a true gift for spotting plot holes, character anomalies, black holes, and other potential WTFs.

And special thanks to some very special ladies – Deb B., Anjee Z., Shelly S., Carol T., Tonya B., Susan J., Perryne D., Carla S., Stacy T., and Shayne R (and a few of you who prefer to remain unnamed – you know who you are) - for reading the first draft and making invaluable suggestions. This is a better story because of them!

About This Book

Celina is the first book of the standalone Connelly Cousins Trilogy.

Many of you might recognize her from her occasional appearances in my popular Callaghan Brothers series. That’s because Celina and her brothers are cousins to the boys in Pine Ridge, and live just over the river in the small valley town of Birch Falls.

If you’re keeping track, Celina’s mother, Erin, and the Callaghan matriarch, Kathleen, are sisters.

In terms of timing, Celina’s story takes place the summer prior to the first Callaghan book, Dangerous Secrets.

So sit back, relax, and come along with me for another visit to Northeastern Pennsylvania...


She tangled her hands in his hair. Like black silk, it slid between her fingers and curled around them. Her constant tugging and pulling made it look even wilder, more untamed than usual. So fitting for her gorgeous, bad boy biker.

His kisses were rough, but she could tell he was trying to be gentle. She wanted to tell him not to bother, that she wanted the full measure of all that strength and power. Wanted to be caught up in the maelstrom that was Kyle McCullough. But each time she drew in a breath to speak, he stole it away completely.

His big, hard body was poised just above hers, so close that she could feel his scorching heat, branding her exposed flesh. Lina hovered at the edge of bliss, soaking wet and still trembling from the mind-altering orgasm he’d provided with that wicked tongue of his. Returning the favor had been an added, unexpected pleasure. The taste of his desire, slightly salty and very male, made her crave more.

But this, this is what she needed. Everything else could – and would – have to wait. She opened her eyes half-way, carried further away by the carnal lust in his expression. After weeks of denial, he was here, now, ready to make all of her dreams come true.

Lina slid the soles of her feet upward on the cool, smooth sheets, raising her knees. Her hips arched in blatant invitation in case her breathy pleas and tugging fingers weren’t clear enough.

“Kyle, please.”

He grunted an acknowledgement, and rocked his hips forward. Hard, hot, latex-wrapped steel slipped along her slick folds, teasing and torturing at the same time. She shifted impatiently, writhing to get him exactly where she ached the most. Kyle continued to rub against her, her strength no match for his.

“So impatient,” he murmured into her mouth, nipping her bottom lip. If he’d thought such an act was a punishment, he was sorely mistaken. Each small demonstration of his power, his dominance, was like a hit of crack to her libido. Her hands left his head and scraped down the rolling, bunching muscles of his back. She gripped both sides of his tight ass, digging her nails into his skin.

Kyle hissed; his entire body tightened like a coiled spring on the verge of exploding. She flexed her fingers again. Kneading. Demanding. Begging. When he continued to move against her but not in her, one hand extended farther to scrape along the back of his thigh. Her reward was a full-body shiver and a lusty glower from his icy blue eyes.

Thank you, Cosmo, she thought, silently thrilled with her decision to purchase the issue with the “50 Touches That Drive Him Crazy” feature. Worth every penny.

Finally he shifted and placed himself exactly where she needed him. She tilted her hips in encouragement, nearly sobbing in relief when she felt his weight pressing down upon her, felt that blunt tip nudge forward.

She had known he was well-endowed; she’d held him in her hand and traced him with her tongue, but he felt even bigger now that he was between her legs. She sucked in a breath as he began to enter her, her tender skin stretching and straining to accommodate him. Lina braced for the certain pain; even as lost in her desire as she was, she knew it was going to hurt. She didn’t care. She welcomed the pain, because it meant she was finally going to know what it was like to be joined with the man she had fallen in love with. The one she had been waiting for her whole life.

She closed her eyes and held her breath as he moved forward with agonizing slowness, once again trying so hard to be gentle. Then he was right there, his slow progression having brought him to the only part of her offering resistance. It, too, was eagerly willing to sacrifice itself for him, to give him everything.

But instead of the sharp, searing tear she was expecting, he just ... stopped. Lina opened her eyes to find that his were no longer filled with desire, but anger.

“You really are a fucking virgin?!?”

Those powerful, rippling, tattooed arms pushed away from her as if burned, taking away all that hot, hard male. “What the hell were you thinking?”

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