Cowboy's Endless Love

By: Moon Light Publishing

BWWM Cowboy Romance Collection

Chapter 1


The sharp staccato noise of the clapperboard reverberated throughout the rocky landscape as the director finally wrapped up the day’s shoot. The technicians turned off the lighting rig while the dolly grip started to disassemble his equipment. Ophelia Watts lifted her skirt and pulled out the shotgun mic hidden under her bosom. She played the role of damsel in distress in a low-budget cowboy western and Ophelia was grateful for landing the job despite the sultry film location in Utah.

She headed to her trailer and changed into her street clothes. Her assistant barged in and announced that the cowboy who would be giving her riding lessons was waiting outside. Ophelia hurriedly removed her hair extensions. One of the perks of her role was that she had to learn horseback riding and Ophelia was excited to get back in the saddle. She had lessons when she was a child for a TV commercial she appeared in but all she learned was how to mount a horse.

She brushed her auburn hair vigorously and gave it a shake as she rushed out of her trailer. She accidentally bumped into a man who was standing outside her door and he gently steadied her before she could topple over. Ophelia grinned ruefully at her clumsiness and she looked up at the man who helped her. She saw the bluest eyes stare back at her with concern.

“I’m sorry for being such a klutz. Are you the one who’s going to give me riding lessons? I promise I won’t be as clumsy on top of a horse. My name is Ophelia Watts,” she rambled.

“Howdy Miss Watts. Name is Hunter Morrison mam. Pleased to meet you. I’ll be your instructor for today,” he replied.

Hunter’s cowboy twang sounded musical to Ophelia and she gaped at him, it was her first time to meet a real cowboy.

“Don’t call me mam please, just call me Ophelia. And aren’t you too young to be my instructor?” she asked curiously. Hunter looked like she was just her age, she was nineteen and she guessed he was just older than her by a few months. Ophelia saw the crestfallen expression on Hunter’s face and she realized he may have felt insulted by her remark.

“Oh, I didn’t mean you weren’t good or anything, I’m sure you are! You look like a proper cowboy. You have the boots, the plaid shirt and you have that twang I just love!” complimented Ophelia.

“I mean, you look so macho…,” Ophelia trailed off as she touched his arm and felt his muscles bunch underneath his shirt, “…with big strong arms like this.” Ophelia pulled back her hand and returned her gaze to Hunter who now had an amused smile on his face.

“If you’d like Miss Watts, I could take you to our stables right now so you could meet your horse and practice mounting her so we can start proper riding lessons tomorrow.”

“Alright Hunter, I’m all yours.”

They went to his pickup truck that was parked beside her trailer. Once they got in the car, Ophelia barraged Hunter with her questions about cowboy life. Hunter seemed ill at ease with her at first but he nonetheless answered her incessant questions and she kept teasing him and joking with him.

“You mean not all cowboys have lassos?” she asked.

“Yes, Ophelia,” Hunter said haltingly.

Ophelia smiled at the quaver in his voice. She had forced him to stop calling her mam or Miss Watts and he was finally getting the hang of it.

“Some cowboys use bullwhips or they just have cow dogs to capture herd or cattle instead of the lasso,” Hunter informed her.

“Ah. But you know how to lasso?” Ophelia inquired. Hunter nodded at her and Ophelia whooped in glee. “So you can teach me then!” she declared.

Hunter gave her a bemused smile and Ophelia admired his handsome face which was more striking now that he was comfortable with her. He was like one of the dashing cowboys she saw in the films she studied for her role. All he needed was a cowboy hat and a revolver to complete her mental image of a cowboy. But Hunter didn’t seem to be ferocious enough to carry off the part of a gunslinger, he was a shy and gentle soul. Hunter was shy but he didn’t fawn on her like most people do with actors and actresses.

He never even asked her about Hollywood and about the famous people she had worked with, which was good because she haven’t worked with any at all. Ophelia was still struggling to find her big break. She used to be a child star in a TV sitcom that was cancelled after just three seasons. After the show, Ophelia only had minor guest appearances in other shows and sometimes it was uncredited or worse, edited out. This movie was Ophelia’s first film project and she was hopeful the movie would turn out well so she could put something impressive in her portfolio.

They finally arrived at the ranch and Hunter brought her to the stables. He gave a brief description of each breed of horse that they passed and Ophelia noted how confident Hunter had become. He was in his full element now and Ophelia felt a budding infatuation for him. Ophelia was home schooled and tutored all her life because she started acting at such a young age so she never had a proper crush before. She met a lot of handsome actors but they were either self-absorbed brats or too old for her to even feel attracted to any of them.

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