Curse of Shadows and Light (Demonblood Book 3)

By: Penelope King

“Of course. Come along, dears.” Michael and Kayla each grab onto one of her outstretched hands and skip along beside her.

We stand there and watch them as they disappear down the path, our hearts swollen with love. Bones wraps his hand around mine again.

“Come with me.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” he smiles with a twinkle in his eyes.

Hand-in-hand we walk deeper into the woods, down the path that leads to the portal of Thiberoux. Things have calmed down there considerably as of late, but there’s still plenty of turmoil that I want to keep my children away from. One day I will introduce them to that special world, and to their true heritage and unique destinies. But not now.

These days we much prefer to spend most of our time in Mortal World, only going to Thiberoux when absolutely necessary, like when Bones has Hellhound duty, or I want to ride Diablo. We seldom even go to Dryndara’s new Demon Bar, now that we can port directly into Club Hades for Ruby’s special pregnancy concoctions. Last time I was there I ran into Kieron, and he told me he and Jade were engaged to be married. I couldn’t be happier for them both.

It’s taken a while, but the surviving residents have been able to rebuild Dryndara and return it to much of its previous glory. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but at least my beloved homeland lives on.

Bones suddenly grabs my arm. “Stop here.”

I glance around. “Why? What’s here?”

“Do you know this spot?”

“Of course. It’s where you and I first met, and you gave me this.” I hold up my Boumeaux.

“We’ve come a long way since then, you and I.” He delicately smoothes my hair from my face. I look into his eyes, and my heart begins to race. Even after all this time, his touch still sets my blood on fire.

“And we still have so much further to go,” I whisper.

His mouth finds mine and I’m lost in his powerful embrace, as the heat from his body joins the inferno inside me. I peel his shirt off over his head, and my breath quickens as I admire his smooth, sculpted body, unchanged by the passage of time. Slowly I draw a line of kisses down his chest to the top of his jeans.

His hands roam through my hair and down my back, and our kisses grow more passionate. Then he lays me down gently on the earth, cushioning my head with his arm.

The dried leaves and twigs rustle as he leans his full weight on top of me, a perfect fit as our two bodies meld into one. His bare skin is so soft over his hard muscles, and I gasp for breath before his lips press again on mine. His hands roam my body as if I am his most treasured possession, created for him and him alone.

This claiming of me. This ultimate surrender of my soul to his. I am on fire.

But he doesn’t just take. He gives. His fingertips dance along my arms and face, and saying nothing, he tells me so much. This is no ordinary kiss. No ordinary touch. No ordinary love.

For he is no ordinary man.

I am his. And he is mine.


*** THE END ***

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