Cursed Ecstasy (Cursed Series)

By: t. h. snyder

The Cursed Series, #2


Cursed Ecstasy is the second book of the Cursed Series. This story became a part of me while writing Cursed Love, yet I had a much harder time expressing the feeling of the characters.

Through this story, I went through a lot of personal issues that made writing that much more difficult. At the end of every day I sat down to write and found that I couldn’t. That was until I reached out to my support team…I couldn't have done this without the help and support of the following people.

My FAMILY! Roberta M Rizzotto (Mom), Angela Minnich, Jim Minnich (Dad), and Marilyn Minnich. You guys have been there through it all, telling me I can do anything I put my mind to. This wouldn’t be possible without you pushing me along the way. I love you so much.

To my two wonderful KIDS, you are my world Raeghyn, and Mason. I love you both to infinity and beyond.

My ROCK, you’re always there when I need you…no matter when. You’re an amazing person and incredible friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you by my side. You seem to calm me when I’m the craziest and feel like the world is coming down on me. Thank you for being you, love you Ninja.

My BETA GIRLS! Barb Johnson, Margaret MC, Joanne Schwehm, Karrie Puskas, Jennifer Maikis, Crystal Rearick, Jamie Bourgeois, Mary Lou Moench, Ashley Blankenship, Carrie Stadtler, Chrissy Bise and Amy Concepcion. I pushed this one on you guys at the last minute, but you never gave up on me. Thank you for taking time away from your busy lives to read my story.

To the amazing BLOGS that support me and never flinch when I ask them to post my teasers and such. You’re all too good to be true.

The READERS, well hell I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. I adore the messages you send me and all of your kind words. Knowing that I’ve touched so many of you with my stories makes my heart happy.

My STREET TEAM, t. h. snyder & the pimpettes we’ve come a long way in a short period of time. You ladies make me laugh and drool every day, love you.

A special shout out to a few AUTHORS that I know and love very much. Without your support and encouragement, I’d be lost. I love you Stacy Borel, Bayli Lane, S Moose, Hilary Storm, Julie Bailes, Margaret MC, Joanne Schwehm, Skye Turner, LL Collins, JM Witt, Kathy Coopmans, Chelle Bliss and AD Justice.

My ROCK and BFF, Christine Stanley you already know how much you mean to me, this journey wouldn’t be the same without you by my side. You’re not only a friend but a long lost sister. I love you lots poopsie.

Kellie Dennis, you are the most amazing COVER ARTIST a gal could ask for. I love sending you pictures and hearing your thoughts.

My EDITING team, Tiffany Tillman and Kellie Montgomery, thank you so much for making this story a part of your lives. I couldn’t have done this without you. Love you girls!!!!

My master PHOTOGRAPHERS, Ted and Shelton I’m so glad we found each other. You are both amazing men and I love your work. Sorry, but you’re stuck with me till the end. Love you both.

Last but certainly not least, my COVER MODEL, Paul Blake. You are one of the very first models I can proudly say became a close friend. Thank you for putting your trust in me and my story. You’ve been an amazing person to ride out this wave with, even as crazy as I might make you sometimes. Bigs hugs and kisses boo.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Chapter 1

A vibrating sensation sends my mind into a deep state of irritation, yet again. My phone has been blowing up in my pocket for the past half hour. Sitting on a barstool at Dick’s, I slouch into the bar with my head in my hands. Honestly, right now, I couldn’t care less who the hell is trying to get in touch with me.

I’m frustrated, annoyed, and pissed the fuck off. I pulled one of the biggest dick moves with Etty this morning and had to witness the happily ever after of Linc and Jo before heading out of the house earlier.

There’s no one to blame but myself. It’s my own damn fault that I steer away from the idea of a committed relationship, so why the fuck does it bother me so much?

Lifting my head out of my hands, I look forward into the mirror behind the bar. The guy staring back at me is a worthless piece of shit—Etty is better off not getting involved with me. I know I shouldn’t have let a moment of weakness affect me the way I did. I just can’t seem to control myself around her.

Etty is gorgeous. Her eyes, her body, and the way she walks, talks and smells. I’ve let my dick think for me and now there’s no way to take our night of amazing sex back…not that I’d really want to. It was fucking insane.

Shit, I need to get her out of my mind. The only way I know how to clear my head is by slipping my cock into some random chick.

Reaching for the bottle, I swallow the last sip of beer and head to the back room to check on Steve and Cliff. It’s only a quarter ‘til midnight and I could go for one more game of pool before finding a pair of legs to call my home for the night.

As I begin to walk into the back room, my phone starts to vibrate again in my pocket. Shaking my head in disgust, I pull it out to turn it off. Glancing at the screen, I see missed text messages from Linc’s phone.

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