Dangerous Curves Ahead 2

By: Arabella Quinn

Men like Jake didn’t date women like me. He was handsome beyond imagine and he just oozed self-confidence. I had guarded my heart for years and still, one moment of weakness- one moment of hope- had led to this soul crushing heartache.


Jenna stood at the door to Krista's apartment and rang the doorbell for the third time. She still felt guilty about ditching her friend the night before at the bar, but it had been for Krista's own good. Without a firm push in the right direction, Krista would have given up without even trying. But she hadn't answered her phone all morning; so finally, Jenna had decided to make the ten-minute trek over to her friend's apartment to make sure she wasn't too angry with her and Sarah.

She knocked loudly on the door. "C'mon Krista, open up. I'm not going anywhere until I talk to you."

The door swung open. Krista beckoned her in. "Sorry, I was just getting out of the shower. I must not have heard the bell."

Jenna's eyes narrowed as she followed Krista into the kitchen. "Your eyes are puffy."

She saw the slight frown on Krista's face before her friend turned away. "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

Jenna sat on the barstool at the counter. "No thanks. I've already had breakfast and ran my five miles. So, whatever happened with that hunky cowboy from last night?"

Uh-oh. She could see the look of anger burning in Krista's eyes. "You mean, Jake?"

This didn't sound good. Krista's words had come out in a sarcastic sneer. "Yeah, I guess. What happened? The last that Sarah and I saw of you two, you were lip-locked on the dance floor. You made quite a hot scene together. I thought someone was going to have to break out a fire extinguisher and hose you two down."

"Well, after you guys ditched me, I was forced to bum a ride home off him." Krista poured herself a cup of coffee and began adding sugar to it.

Jenna prompted, "And?"

Krista arched an eyebrow and then looked downward. "And, that's it. He left. I won't be seeing him again." She raised her coffee mug to her mouth to take a sip, but Jenna distinctly heard her mutter, "Thank God."

She was clearly not getting the whole story. "Wait a minute. What did Jake say or do that got you so riled up? Was he an asshole to you?"

Krista seemed defensive. "He just drove me home and that's the last of him. Can we just drop it now?"

Jenna put her hands up in surrender. "Sure. No problem."

A single tear streaked down Krista's cheek before she quickly turned away and angrily swatted at it with her hand.

"Whoa, Krista. What's going on? Are you upset that you're not going to see him again?" Something was wrong and Jenna wouldn't rest until she figured it out.

Krista was much too forceful with her reply. "No! I never want to see that liar again!"

They stared at each other for a few moments, Krista obviously regretting her outburst. Jenna was concerned. "Krista, I'm your best friend. Tell me what's going on. Please."

A few moments of silence lingered before Krista answered. “I let down my guard with him and I got burned. Well, I certainly learned my lesson and I’ll never let it happen again.” Krista’s eyes blazed with a fiery anger.

Jenna felt sympathy for her friend who was obviously in pain. “You have to take chances in life every once in a while or you’re not really living. Sometimes you lose, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Tell me, what exactly happened that was so awful?”

Krista started wiping at imaginary crumbs on the counter as she talked. “He drove me back here and we really hit it off. We had great chemistry. I ended up having sex with him. Which I never would have done without all the needling you guys gave me last night.”

Jenna saw the accusation in her friend’s eyes. “Krista, there's nothing wrong with having sex with a man you’re attracted to. You've got to let all that sex guilt go. You're both responsible, consenting adults. There’s nothing- Oh my God, is he married?”

“No. Well, actually I don’t even know. He could be. But, after he got what he wanted, it slipped out that he had overheard our conversation in the booth.”

Jenna tried to remember the conversation. “What were we talking about? What did he hear us say exactly?”

Krista groaned. “That I was desperate. That I hadn’t gotten laid in forever. God, I forgot about that until just now. But even more humiliating, he heard that I had never had an orgasm with a man. And I guess he made it his special mission to change that.”

Jenna had to suppress a smile. “Well, that’s a little embarrassing, but it’s hardly devastating. So did he succeed at his mission?”

Krista’s mouth dropped open. “That’s not the point. The point is that he knew how desperate I was. That I was an easy target for a quick no-strings fuck.”

“Isn’t that exactly what you wanted too, Krista? I don’t see what the big deal is…” Jenna’s voice trailed off when she saw the look of pain flash over Krista’s face.

Krista frowned. “It wouldn’t be a big deal if I hadn’t allowed myself to think that he might just be interested in me. That he could ever be interested in a girl like me for even a moment. I was so stupid.”

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