Dirty Dealing(Book 1 Baptiste Family Trilogy)

By: Jade King

Dedication/ Acknowledgements

To the highest God who gives me my voice and my gift, Thank you. This book is dedicated to all those who have inspired me to perfect my creative craft. Those who so patiently waited for my debut novel, and those who support me full time. For a mother who raised me with strength and dignity. Ms. Laura as she is known. For my children Tyson and Trissten who gave me the strength to fight another day. To a big sister so bossy, but beautiful and blessed. Mrs. Sweet. To the love of my life for his inspiration.




"I don't just suck dick and fuck random mother fuckers if that's what you mean. I mean shit, if a bitch has money I’ll turn her out, but only the cream of the crop. Money talks. I beat the statistic. I worked hard for everything I got." I said sucking through my teeth.

I got tired of these uppity ass reporters looking down on me for who I had been and still was.

“I—I wasn't trying to upset you....it was only a question.” The woman said.

Yeah, I saw her sitting there with her manicured nails and elegant jewelry adorning her wrinkled skin. I could also see the judgement in her indigo eyes.

“Don't do that...” I almost commanded.

“Excuse me?” She asked.

“Oh, please don't play dumb.... This....You judging me.” I said taking in smoke from my cigarette.

“I--I wasn't....” she started vigorously shaking her head.

“Bitch don't patronize me. You want your little story and you will get it, but not until I lay down some ground rules.” I readjusted in my seat to better look into her eyes.

She looked scared, and I knew I had her just where I wanted her.

“You see it’s bitches like you that make bitches like me deal with them dirty. Shit I’m sure you wake up in the morning, drink your little latte, put you big girl drawers on and try to act happy. The only difference is you are miserable. I was the Queen of the ninth ward, I went to sleep with my gun cocked, and I woke ready for war every morning. I was and always will be a warrior, so don’t look down your nose at me.” I said.

“I wasn’t being condescending.” She explained.

I didn’t want to hear her lame ass explanation, all I really wanted was to be done with this bullshit interview. I read a lot in the pen. I knew a lot about the law, and I knew a lot about Psychology and there was no way this freckled faced bitch would sit here and play me out.

“My game, my rules. Now if you ready to listen to the story sit back and let me give it to you raw.” I said lighting another cigarette.

She clicked on the tape recorder and sat back to listen. My story was one that had been told many times. The only thing was today was the day I would tell it like it had never been told before. I was a living legend. I had done everything under the sun to survive and keep my dignity. I sold my soul to the devil a long time ago. I never had any remorse or any regrets and I sure as hell wasn’t about to start now.

“Now sit back and let me take you on a ride, I drive fast so make sure you have your seatbelt on. This ain’t got shit to do with sympathy. I ain't no poor dumb whore who regrets one single thing that she did. Shit, sometimes you got to deal dirty if you want to survive. I was just the dirtiest of them all.” I began.

I let the smoke encircle my head and I got comfortable to start telling my story. I was a dead bitch walking, but I still wouldn’t bow to anybody. I had earned my right to be cocky, and damn it I would be Queen of ninth ward until the day I died.

Chapter 1

Coming from where I'm from you have to know what is important to you. If it's family, kudos to you. But if it's this paper, you have to remember that nobody is worth the risk, of fucking up your hustle, not even your own mother. We all got a hustle, even though your hustle ain't my hustle, and we come up on shit differently, the goal is still the same. It was levels to the game. You had to crawl before you walked. That was how it went, if you forgot that rule, you would more than likely end up throat slit bleeding from ear to ear. Family doesn’t give a shit about you, until they need or want something you got. Other than that the worse snakes share your blood. Don’t cry for me, because I sure as fuck ain't in here crying for you. Listen to the story.......

I had to have been eight years old when I got my cherry busted. He didn't care how much I screamed, how much I bled and he sure didn't give a fuck about my attempts to beg him to stop. It wasn’t my choice though. My selfish drug addict mother decided it was time for her to get another fix. The drug dealer wanted to try something new this time. He wanted some fresh pussy, something that had never been touched and for the time being I would just have to do. Even though my mother looked white, A French creole. She was just as racist as they came, but hid it well. She had gotten hooked on some black dick, and hated herself for it. I didn't claim being mixed, because it was always all just the same to me. I was just another little unwanted black bastard with a high yella momma. Pigs didn't care how good my hair was I was only another statistic. I was never going to be shit. Nothing but another Betty on the block selling ass and popping out babies. I was born into disadvantage, and so I would more than likely die underprivileged.

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