Dirty Dealing(Book 1 Baptiste Family Trilogy)

By: Jade King

His baby’s mama had it out for me ever since then. She and her bad ass kids moved. I had no remorse. He was weak anyways and I had gotten my revenge. My mother knew I was desperate for money, so she made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. I liked money. As a kid even if I didn't do anything but go and buy some penny candy, or a soda pop. It was mine I had earned it, and I was going to do whatever the hell I wanted with it.

“I want you to take this Rolex and sell it over on Norris Street I'll give you ten dollars.” My mother said. She had stolen a Rolex from one of her tricks and wanted me to stand out on the corner and sell it. Unless she was selling her ass she was too prideful to stand out there, so she made me do the dirty work. In the midst of her addiction my mother was a beautiful woman. Long legs, voluptuous curves and a look that could attract a man from across the street. Real naive men trusted her, it took a hood nigga to deal with her. She was a charmer at times and loved to get her men high and drunk and then go in their pockets. Sometimes she got caught and got beat up, other times she was home free.

I stood out there in the Louisiana heat for five hours straight, saying the same thing to every patron who passed.

“Hey sir, want to buy a Rolex, it’s brand new.”

Everyone that I approached just passed me by. They knew that I was just some kid looking for a quick dollar. Some of them moved briskly up the sidewalk and shook their heads others didn’t even bother to stop and look at me. I was getting frustrated, I didn’t have patience for anything. I guess I got that from my mother. I was doing my best cute kid face, trying to look all innocent, I was about ten seconds from going Oliver Twist on their asses when I heard...

“Say, lil mama who told you, you could slang that shit on this side of the street?” I heard someone say from behind me.

I looked around to see a tall thin girl with her hair pulled up in a ponytail and a gold rag over her right eye. She had a long scar on her chin, and even though she still had a soft face she looked like she wasn’t to be fucked with.

“I didn’t know this corner had your name on it.” I said and kept looking for people to buy the watch.

By now she was standing too close for comfort and I could smell her peppermint breath.

“I said who...told you.... you could be on this side of the street?” She said with her finger in the side of my face. There were four other girls with her they all were adorned in black t-shirts, camouflage jeans and gold painted combat boots.

“Say, Delilah, we ain’t got time to play with this kid, we got to go.” I heard a shorter pudgier girl say and ball up her fist.

I won’t say that I wasn’t scared, but I had my share of fights so this was nothing new to me.

“Nah, I got this.” she said

“Look you must got the game fucked up, don’t nobody smart mouth me and they damn sure don’t sell on my side of the street. Now you got two options get the fuck out of here or get beat down.” She cracked her knuckles.

“I was here first and I ain't moving.” I said.

I glared at her and didn’t blink my eyes. I was small, and all of them could have killed me with little effort. I always however stuck to my motto ain’t nothing to fear but fear.

“Ain’t no first and last lil girl, just only...hi” She said.

I just walked off and left her standing there still yelling.

She was just about to run her fist right in the side of my face when I heard a voice behind me. I turned around, and tried to see where it came from. A man with a heavy mustache and greasy dark black hair was coming my way.

“I’ll take it.” He said.

I hesitated for a minute, and looked him up and down.

“I'll give you fifty.” he said

I stuck my hand out for the money he owed me and he reached down in his wallet.

The man handed me the money, and inspected the watch.

“You sure this thing works.” He asked.

“Yeah it works.” I looked at him and copped an attitude.

“Of course it’s good, its brand spanking new.” he said with a smile.

He looked at the watch some more, and then turned to look at me.

“So, what’s a little girl like yourself doing out here selling stolen merchandise?” He quizzed me all in my damn business.

I didn’t know what to say. So I used my skills and try to show him that I was not just some little girl.

“Look, it was cool doing business with you, but I have to go.” I said trying to sound grown up.

Just then I noticed that I was face to face with the gangster chick and her crew. Then they started to slowly back away.

“Not so fast.” He said. He grabbed my arm and I was ready to put up a fight.

“Shit, 5.0 ...” the chick said and the gang spread out.

“Relax he said, but I was still swinging my fist.

“Don't touch me.” I yelled.

He didn’t pay me any attention, instead he picked me up and threw me in back of his car. A crown Vic like all the under covers had, and I knew that I was headed to jail. I looked back and saw the gangster chick looking at me. The look said that this wasn't over.


“I don't know nothing, I’m just a kid.” I said sitting across the table from the man I had met on the streets and tried to sell the watch to. He had my tiny wrist handcuffed in front of me, and if I tried, with little effort I probably could have been free.

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