Dirty Dealing(Book 1 Baptiste Family Trilogy)

By: Jade King

I walked out of that building with an extra swag in my walk. I had gone from shit to sugar and back to shit in a matter of years. Everybody who I thought I could trust wanted me dead, and the one who I didn’t trust wanted to protect me. It was ironic to me how the tables could turn. My cousin had gone missing, and the man that I thought I could love had pretended to love me only to be the one who would end my life.

I no longer had a heart, and at seventeen I found out that the only way to survive was to, ‘Do unto others, before they did unto me.’ I had spent so much of my life trying to find who I was and look for my purpose in the faces of those who had ulterior motives. I rode back to the big house and let my mind wonder. All is fair in love and war, but all bets are off when it’s dirty dealing.

To be continues…


“So, that’s it?” The reporter asked me with her legs crossed.

I smiled at her and put out my cigarette. It was lunch time, and as well all know I loved to eat.

“You said you wanted the whole story, so be patient.” I smirked.

She caught on and just sat back in her chair.

“Your turf…. see you next Wednesday at the same time,” She asked in a hopeful voice.

I got up and let the guard know that I was ready.

“Yeah next Wednesday,” I said as the guard opened the door.

It took me some time to get up, because I walked with a limp. I drug my leg and smiled at her half-heartedly.

There was no guarantee that I would be alive the next few minutes let alone next Wednesday. Just like on the outside I was being tested on the inside. There were a whole lot of bitches and niggas that wanted me dead. I remembered my first week in, they tried me like I was the new kid in school, but I held my own.

*Queen’s Flashback*

“Hey princess, you think you too good to be in here? You walk in this mutha fucka with your nose in the air, but bitch you just like us.” She said.

She had scars all over her face, and I knew that she liked to be confrontational. She was a little Spanish chick, and she had a bunch of bitches following up behind her like she ran something.

“You know what, fuck you bitch you don’t know shit about me, ight.” I said. I was still pretty messed up that I was in here, and all I wanted to do was read my damn magazine. She came towards me and stood in my face, thinking that I would flinch.

“You feeling your oats or something in here bitch? I will split your ass in half. You gutter tramp,” She spit in my face, and I went nuts on her. I felt like I was in middle school again, and this bitch was testing my patience.

I tried to rip that bitch’s hair out, I wasn’t about to stand around and play the new bitch on the block. I wanted my respect. I rammed that bitches head into a wall and beat her with my bare fist. Guards came in a broke it up, just as I was about to try and break her nose with my foot. They put me in solitary, nothing but a mattress in my underwear on the cold concrete floor. I sat there for a few days and then they let me out. By now I was so mad, I wanted to find that bitch and gut her.

I knew she wouldn’t let well enough alone, so I was prepared for her bullshit. It was time to take a shower, and like most of the bitches in there went in groups I went alone. I guess that was pretty stupid. That bitch and some of her friends came in just as I was washing my ass.

“So, who’s going to save your ass now?” She sneered.

“I’m not the one who needs saving bitch…” I said whipping out my homemade shank.

It was survival of the fittest in this mother fucker. You either killed or you got killed, and despite what you may have heard, I was still the Queen.

To be continued…

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