Dirty Dealing(Book 1 Baptiste Family Trilogy)

By: Jade King

"Don't cry mama, its ok." I said.

"Get away from me!" she yelled.

She strutted over to the bed and fell face down onto the mattress. I lay down on the floor and curled myself into a ball.

It had become immune to it so it no longer bothered me. I thought all the bad names she called me were terms of endearment she said them to me so much. I was always nothing more than trash to her. If she could have murdered me she would have but she needed me around to supply her habit. She needed to sell me to her pimps and drug dealers so that she could get credit for crack or a few extra dollars in her pocket.

Chapter 2

When I was nine my mother met a businessman named Jeremiah Johnson. He was handsome and had a way with women. It was amazing that he almost turned my mother's life around, but you know what they say. Once a ho' always a ho'. Word around town was that he was a married man, and my mother had stolen him from his wife and kids. I could see that, she was very manipulative at times, and for a man her “Yes daddy” attitude was perfect. They say what you won't do another bitch will.

My mother was that bitch. Jerimiah always wore suits and when he wasn't in a suit he was in a nice shirt and slacks. I still don't know what made him fall for my mother, but I did realize that she could be as charming as a snake when it involved money. Jeremiah had gone to college, and had the plaques on his wall. He was very intelligent and you could tell that by the way he spoke. He had chosen to be an educated black man, and because he was a businessman, he had made both a name and an incredible estate for himself.

Jeremiah was the only man that I can say was ever worthy of being my father. Despite the fact that he was an undercover drug dealer and had little time for a family he protected me. It was sad that he had to protect me from my own mother.

He would bring me gifts and stuffed animals. One day he brought me a beautiful baby doll in a satin dress. She had long hair and her eyes opened and closed. I had never been into baby dolls, but she was so beautiful.

“She’s beautiful,” I beamed.

“Just like you.” He smiled.

I wasn’t accustomed to getting things without giving something in return. I grabbed his hands and led him to an armchair in the living room. I sat him down and grabbed his right hand. I rubbed it across my undeveloped body, and he immediately snatched away.

“Who taught you that?” He yelled.

At that moment my mother walked in. I dropped my head and looked away. She walked past and he glared at her. Embracing me in a hug he said, “No one is ever going to hurt you again.” I wanted to believe him because I loved him so much but my mother always had a way of taking away anything, or anyone I loved.

I sat in the window of Jeremiah's apartment the next few minutes and looked out. I stared down at the people walking by and occasionally waved at them. This was the first time that I had ever had a home, and Jeremiah's apartment was a mansion to me. He had taken us in off of the streets after he had fallen for my mother. He had asked her to be his lady, and though she was still a powder head she wanted the money. He had taught me how to read and how to do hard math like division and algebra. He would come in from work sit me down and read to me. My mother was jealous of the attention he showed me, so jealous she plotted on ending my happiness. It was around Christmas time, and Jeremiah had taken us shopping for new things. I felt like I was in heaven, and twirled around in the middle of the floor in my dress. I never had felt so girly in my life. He was my daddy, the only one I had ever known. My mother walked in with a skin tight pair of leopard print pants on and a top that showed off her midriff. I could tell that she was high, because she stumbled every few steps.

Jeremiah was sitting in the dining room with a few of his partners, when he saw my mother come in I knew there would be a fight. Jeremiah was not as tall and big as the other men my mother had dated in the past. He looked like a regular educated man on the come up. Stayed clean cut with a line up and goatee. He was nothing that my mother was used to, he also was not as harsh and would never put his hands on her. Jeremiah arose from the table and grabbed my mother by the arm. They went into the bedroom and I heard them began to yell.

Like always he would make my mother lay down and take a nap and make her promise to stop basing and drinking. As usual she would lie and say that she was done with it. Surprisingly she even went to rehab a few times with no success of staying clean. My mother was a good liar and as soon as Jeremiah thought that she was well, she would start basing again. It was a downward spiraling cycle that kept repeating itself. I don’t think she could stop getting high even if she wanted too.

Even though he appeared to be smooth as butter and a regular working Joe with a 9 to 5, Jeremiah always had these secretive meetings with his crew. They would count money and make drugs right there in his apartment. He had a room that he called the Lab and no one was allowed in there. He kept a pad lock on the door and was strict about anyone even walking past that door to get to the other bathroom. However, one day he forgot to lock it and I almost got an eye full. I eased open the door and peered inside. There were all kinds of scientific looking equipment. Just as I was about to pick a glass beaker up, my mother rushed in and snatched me up. “Stay your ignorant black ass out of here.” She said.

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