Dirty Dealing(Book 1 Baptiste Family Trilogy)

By: Jade King

For a moment it was quiet and I looked at my mother as she sat on the bed and shook. The door to the bedroom open and in walked a man. The same man that I had seen my mother kissing a few days earlier in Jeremiah's Buick.

Just like before he walked up to her and embraced her with a kiss. With the big assault rifle still hot in his hands my mother began to laugh and wrap her legs around him.

“Is that mother fucker dead?” she asked and paused like she was thinking about something before speaking again.

“Yeah baby, he’s done.” The man seductively nuzzled my mother’s neck.

I watched confused as they cooed and clawed at each other for a few minutes and then my mother pulled away and waited for the man to hand her an envelope.

“Is it all here,” I heard my mother ask.

I watched the smoke cover her head like a massive wreath. She pulled out a wad of money from the envelope and began to count it greedily.

“What have I told you about questioning me? You did what I asked I said I would pay you five hundred.” The round pudgy man said.

“Five hundred, you told me five grand.” My mother said boldly.

“You must be out of your mind, why would I give a junkie five grand, “The man chuckled and left the room.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew that daddy Jeremiah would not approve of what my mother was doing.

I ran out of the door before my mother could catch me.

Everything in the living room was out of order. Bright red blood was all over the walls and some of the sculptures that were on the oak shelf that daddy was so proud of sat overturned right in the doorway. There were bodies everywhere. It was like a war zone. Before I knew it I had tripped over a body, and landed right on Jeremiah's chest. He was still alive, and blood leaked from the corner of his mouth. He reached up to touch my face. His bloody hand left a speck of blood on my cheek. I was on his body once he took his last breath. I couldn’t move, I just screamed and cried. My mother came up from behind me and shook me until I couldn’t scream or cry.

I looked in a corner where saw Asia folded up crying, she wasn’t hurt, but her father’s blood was all over her bright yellow dress and hair. As much as I had hated Asia I didn’t like to see her like this in a daze. She had always seemed to be so tough and untouchable to me. Now she looked like all the life had been drained from her. My mother went back over to the man and looked him in the face.

“Take care of the girl.” She said.

“I’m not doing a kid, that wasn’t the plan. You take care of her.” the man snarled.

“What the hell do you want me to do with her?” My mother defiantly argued with the man.

“Take her to your pimp sell her, drop her off on the edge of town hell if I care, I’m just not doing a kid.” He screamed.

My mother looked from me to Asia and then she picked me up and through me in the back of Jeremiah's Buick. She shoved Asia in by her arm and just stared at her for a minute, Asia never even glanced up at my mother. The man who had murdered Jeremiah was a man by the name of Ross Blanchard. He was another drug dealer, and one who had plotted with my mother to take Jeremiah out for good. It was all about the money stashed in the apartment. The money Jeremiah had mistakenly told my mother about. The money she never got, because Ross took it and ran. That was the day that I really began to see the world for what it really was. It was trust no bitch and fear no nigga. Because if you even let your guard down a little you would end up topsy turvy in a ditch somewhere. The only person who had ever cared for me was now dead and once again I was alone left in the hands of my incompetent, selfish, drug addict mother.

I won’t lie and say that I knew what happened to Asia, because after my mother drove off that day, she dropped Asia down by the Lake Pontchartrain Bridge, I heard some noise and a splash and that was the last I saw of Asia. My mother was capable of a lot of shit, but I didn’t think that murder was one. I don’t know what had happened to her and I was too mad to ask my mother any questions.

Chapter 4

I once heard someone say that you can’t do dirt and think you will come out clean. My mother just knew that she had found her a jewel in Ross. The only thing she failed to realize was he didn’t care anything about either one of us. We moved across town after my mother did what she had done, it was like we were hiding constantly. Ross used to beat me until I fell asleep if I even looked like I wanted to cry he would beat me some more. One day when I came in from school, he beat me just because I put my backpack too close to the table and he tripped. That was the day he broke my arm in two places.

My mother lied to the doctors and told them that I had fallen down some steps while I was running too fast. I hated her and I sure as hell hated him. I missed Jeremiah every day and I never would forgive my mother for what she had done. Ross was showboating around town with the stolen cash. He had bought himself a Rolls Royce, and a sizeable house on the upscale side of town. Ross and my mother made love just as much as they fought. She finally had her a man that didn’t want anything but sex, and he finally had a woman who didn’t require anything but drugs and occasionally money. Me I was just in the way, and I was surprised that we got out of there before he killed me. Ross wasn’t interested in molesting me, which was a relief. However, he was into getting high and beating me until he was tired. One day he beat me for something my mother had done. He made me strip and stretch out my arms. He beat me with a belt and if I moved he would start over.

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