Dirty Dealing(Book 1 Baptiste Family Trilogy)

By: Jade King

“Get your filthy trashy ass out of my house.” Ross said shoving my mother out the door.

“Ross… baby wait, please.” My mother begged.

Her clothes were half on and I watched him violently grab her by the collar and toss her further out into the street. I stood in the background and watched. This was the third time this week that they had both gotten loaded and started to fight.

“You steal from me you no good bitch. I ought to blow your brains out right where you stand.” Ross said.

He was shirtless, and his pleated front pants were half undone where you could see his worn ragged boxers.

“Baby, I was going to put it back I just…”

“Cheap whore, you just what. The butt of his gun came down and struck my mother in the mouth. I watched as bright red blood stained her shirt and pants as he split her lips.

My mother walked up to him and rubbed her hands over his bare chest. He grabbed the palm of her hand and twisted it pushing her away and back into the street. He slammed the door, and left us out in the middle of the hot summer street.

I knew they weren’t done with each other completely. That was until my mother kept stealing and he kept beating her. I got beat in the process when she was unavailable. I guess they both just got tired and went their separate ways.

After all my mother had done to get Jerimiah killed we were back on the streets again trying to find a quick dollar. I was now ten years old and though I was still cute and charming stealing from the elderly had gotten old.

My mother was the queen of deception. Especially since the neighborhood we lived in was the slums, no one wanted to focus attention on some random chick and her kid. They were too busy blaming each other for dumb shit and killing each other in the alleys. My late father had been a thief and so he had taught my mother a little bit about stealing then she passed it down to me. We pulled off a lot of schemes easily when we could. Most of the time it was just to get by other times it was to feed her addiction. She had gotten me into stealing car stereos, and anything that I could get my hands on. I was small and quick, and so I got in and got out before anyone could see me.

Being small had its disadvantages, like getting jumped in the park by a hating ass hoe and her posse, but when you were quick you could dodge one bitch while sucker punching the other one. I didn't have any siblings, so most of the time I was out in the streets by myself with nothing but quick feet and hope to save me. There was always a group of hard heads at the park, cutting up, either hooping, dealing, or conspiring. There was no beef until, something went left, someone felt played and then the guns came out. Niggas were out here dying every day, dropping, and no one gave a damn.

At least once in her life every little nappy head from the hood wants to be a part of the cool clique. You know the girls that everyone knows, but don't really know. The ones that wear the designer labels, keep their hair done, and always have a certain requirement for you to be in their clique.

Like you had to be light skinned for the “Red-bone” clique, Be Mixed for the “Mixed clique.” and just wide open for the “Slut” clique. I kept to myself a lot and didn't mingle with just anybody. I had a strong distrust for other human beings, and I was guessing because they had failed me so much. They hated that I didn't try to kiss their asses, and the fact that I didn't want to participate in their lame ass activities. My unconcern burned those bitches up, and so that made me a target.

“You ain't shit with them dirty busted balled up Keds on. Look like you don't take baths. And that hairdo is so over.” she said like she was expecting some laughs.

I was in the middle of the school hallway right near the library, when they cornered me by a locker and start dissin' me because I was breathing the same air. I stared them down and was waiting for the perfect moment. I didn't just let loose on a bitch, I waited until the bitch said all she had to say and then I made her regret every word, one by one. Marissa Montgomery was the fakest and dumbest bitch in our middle school. Couldn't count or read, but always wanted to point out what was wrong with someone else. She was such a follower.

“So what you going to do lil monkey?” she said.

That bitch had the nerves to slap my books out of my hand. I had a real fucked up temper. That was because I was so used to always having to be on the defensive, there was no way I was going to let some simple ass bitch play me out. I just reached down and picked my books up. I didn’t do all that talking and shit I went straight to work. I smiled and walked her way. My smile threw the bitch off, completely caught off guard when she backed up I went in delivering blows letting up my built in frustrations with each punch or kick.

I took my algebra book and bashed that hoes skull in. I didn't stop until I saw blood. It must have taken every guard in that school to get me off her. I tore her a brand new ass. They had to call Ems to wheel her out on a stretcher. She felt the rage that I had contained, the hatred from no love from my parents to just the fucked up life I had lived. I gave it to her.

As always I got suspended and she got stitches nineteen to be exact but I bet she didn't step to me ever again. Her or her raggedy ass friends.

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