Dirty Dealing(Book 1 Baptiste Family Trilogy)

By: Jade King

Chapter 5

My mother hated coming to the school. It was either that or CPS and lose her benefits. I sat at home for the next couple of weeks and admired the dope boys on the corner from a distance. There was one in particular that caught my attention. His name was Santos. He had an old lady who was on her third baby. That however didn’t stop me from being up in his face. Santos was about eighteen, medium built, and chocolate with a few tats and a pretty smile. He saw me as nothing more than an annoying kid, and so he nicknamed me “Diva.” I knew when his old lady was and wasn’t home, so I skipped over to play Nintendo whenever I had the chance. Santos was always cooking up something and had a house full of niggas. I was the only little girl allowed in his spot, and that was because he saw how my mother treated me. He wanted to protect me but I had a crush on him. One day before my suspension was up I was over at Santos spot in the fridge. His baby’s mama was out; they had gotten into it on the podium earlier. My mother was off doing drugs, and there was no food in our apartment.

“Help yourself diva, just don’t touch my chips.” He laughed.

I was pretty curvy for an eleven-year-old, so I got this brilliant idea that backfired on me. I took some red juice from the fridge and spilled it all over myself.

“Damn….” I said. I called attention to the situation and Santos came running.

“Diva, what you do?” he smiled.

“I didn’t mean to the top came off.” I pouted.

“Stay here I’ll get you one on my shirts.”

I was thinking this just might work. He threw me a shirt, and I turned away like I was afraid to be naked in front of him.

“Go in the room.” He said.

I went in the room and closed the door. I hopped out of my training bra, my pants and panties. I put on his shirt and sashayed out the room with my hair up in a ponytail. He was so into the game that he didn’t look up. I made it around the sofa and stood in front of him for a minute.

“Move kid.” He laughed.

He put his hand on me to move me and I slid his hand underneath the t-shirt and onto my backside. He didn’t resist right off. He dropped the control to the game and I straddled his lap. I had done it many times, and I knew just what men liked. I started to kiss him slowly but experienced and he kissed back. He grabbed me for a minute as if to push me off but ended up with his tongue in my mouth. He kissed me hard and it felt like I was going to explode. He rubbed my tender body and I placed my hand on his throbbing hard dick.

“Yo, you just a kid…I love my girl get out. You have to go.” He said.

“I won’t tell…,” I said

He grabbed my hair and He flipped me over. “You’re a stupid ass kid, if I put my dick in you it wouldn’t be right.” He said pressing his dick against my bottom. “Get out of here kid" he said.

I was not leaving that easily I had it bad for him. I should have been with him not her. He was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I dipped down and put my mouth on his zipper. He tried to protest, but my lips were soft and he was in a daze.

“This isn’t right.” He protested. I just kept sucking. I knew it felt good, so I wouldn’t stop. I wanted to know the answer to the big question. I held my head up and looked him in the face. “Do you love me?” He pushed me off and jumped up. “Whoa, whoa. I love my girl. Get that through your head. You just…. a kid.” I knew I was more. I had made him feel good. He was in denial. Santos was like my teacher, and I his student. I snuck off every day and skipped school for a dose of him. The guilt had passed, and he began to take pleasure in my young dumb ass. I was hooked. For the first time in my life, I wanted to be used by a man. However, everything comes with a price. I got money in exchange for the sex. Fifty dollars here, or a hundred bucks there. I could almost always be seen riding in the passenger side of his old school BMW. He told everyone I was just a kid. I knew better. His baby’s mama was the whore of the town. He still did for her and her kids, but one day he caught her and one of his best friends in their apartment. I was there to console him. I was small, so often he carried me around and did whatever it was he liked with me.

Santos taught me how to put a condom on a niggas dick. He always said, “Don’t let no nigga go in you raw.” My mother never knew I was gone. I kept a little money and didn’t need her welfare checks. Santos had me all to himself. I was laid up in his bed, He was just about to have his way when the door to the bedroom clicked open. There she stood. I lay there with a smirk on my face. In her bed. He was vulnerable and hurt. So hurt he would have fucked a horse if she opened her pussy. I knew that, I fed off of people’s emotions. His baby’s mama was going off. Pushing and shoving him. I heard her say, “Nigga is you sick? She is a kid.” He defended his actions by saying, “Ain’t nothing happen baby the kid just needed a place to stay. Stop trippin’. I love you,” I was just surprised that she couldn’t see that he had his dick ready to stick in my naked pussy. I was just a kid, but I had feelings. I didn’t want to lose him. He was all I had at the moment. He was the only one who listened and cared. I grabbed my clothes and walked home. I was a woman in a child’s body. I was also plotting the ultimate revenge. There was no way she would have him if I couldn’t. I went home and threw myself around the room. I punched myself and bruised myself. I pulled my hair out, and bloodied my lip. Then I drug myself down to the police station and said, “I’ve been raped.” I had it all under control. When the female cop and her partner came in I told them everything. I made up somethings, and subtracted from the rest. He got locked up instantly.

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