Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

Erotica: Everyone’s Invited

22-Book Adult Romance Bundle

Chapter One

Lucy was confused.

She'd just gotten through one hell of a work week, finishing it off with a bang as her entire office engaged in a grotesque weekend orgy, fucking and sucking and humping and grinding anything that had a pulse or a hole. It had been completely unexpected, unplanned, unethical, unsanitary, unacceptable, and utterly marvelous.

She'd staggered out into the streets, drunk and sore between the legs, scarcely able to stand upright, and had decided to hail a taxi rather than risk destroying her car by attempting to navigate the spinning streets home herself.

She'd stammered out her address to the cab driver, scarcely intelligible she was sure.

“Sure thing, ma'am,” he'd echoed back, not turning to face to see his passenger.

Lucy settled back, closing her eyes, attempting to rest for a while as the two of them drove.


The cab had burst forward into a beam of white light, shooting into hyperspace, stars shimmering like bullets past the windows, and Lucy uncertain of whether she was hallucinating or dreaming or else genuinely being abducted.

“Hey, um... Are you sure you're going the speed limit pal?” she asked, hiccuping, and there was no reply.

The back seat grew rapidly chillier, the windows frosting, the glass beginning to crack, her bare legs beginning to tremble like leaves beneath her skirt.

“Hey, dude, what the hell?! You're killing me back here!!”

He seemed not to have heard her, intent as he was on hurdling them forth through the stars.

“Hey!” she repeated, placing a drunken hand on his shoulder in order to redirect his attention.

He turned.

Lucy gasped.

“Hello again, my fair Earthling.”

They exploded out of hyperspace, drifting gradually now to an overwhelmingly large spaceship of some kind, Lucy's eyes massive, her mind unable to fully comprehend what she was seeing.

“Holy...” she said, her mouth agape, thinking she was very much properly hammered.

“Ringing a bell now?” said the driver. His green face smiled, and Lucy decided that yes, now it all rang a bell. She had been with this man almost a week earlier- fucked by him, actually, several times, he and his partner each possessing multiple, hydra-like penises, which wrapped around her body like boa constrictors, slithering into every hole they could find, stuffing her like an envelope poised to burst with Sunday flyers. It had been a good dream, she thought. A dream induced by the cramming of multiple sex toys into her body before bedtime- a double-ended dildo, a butt plug, Ben wa balls, etc., etc. Oh, and electrified nipple clamps. It had been one fuck of an experiment, and the combined sensation of so much brilliant torture while she'd slept had led to her waking up writhing in orgasm, her body drenched with sweat, her every orifice feeling as though it had been set alight in her sleep.

But that was the thing, though.

It had been a dream, hadn't it?

Or at least, that was what she'd told herself. She was used to having absurd dreams that made little to no real sense upon her waking the next day, and she'd eventually resigned herself to the fact that that's all they were- dreams. Sexy, kinky, filthy, ugly, beautiful dreams where indiscriminate men and women and sometimes extraterrestrial lifeforms screwed her to within an inch of her life, and caused her to wake up screaming the next morning.

But she'd sadly failed to notice the tattoo of a bar code they'd stamped onto her ass following their zero-gravity fuck fest, and had she been more diligent, she may have been able to make greater sense of her present circumstances.

Not unusual, she had to think for a moment to remember the name of her sodomite.

“Tr... Tr... Trebor?”

“At your service,” he nodded slightly, smiling, and turned back to the front window, just in time to pull the cab to a slow halt inside the space station.

Trebor and Yrag were their names, it now occurred to her with concrete certainty. These were the space men who had abused her so pleasantly, humping her lights out as part of some brutal XXXperiment on her tight, nubile body. She'd realized a couple of days after the fucking took place that they had been dream representations of two of her co-workers, Robert and Gary, or at least she'd thought they'd been. Although she had just given hand jobs, blow jobs, and anal to both of the human doppelgangers back at the office party, so it was a little tough to tell what was real anymore.

Was she dreaming?

Were the aliens' theft of her co-workers' appearances just a ruse on their part to attempt to gain her trust?

Who the fuck knew?

She decided that the best course of action from here on out would be to stop asking these kinds of questions, and just let whatever was about to happen, happen.

“I think I should be getting my pussy ready,” she said finally, testing the waters.

“I think you're about damn right,” said Trebor, smiling. “I was afraid you might have forgotten the drill for, um... Drilling you...”

“A girl doesn't forget a thing like that so easily...” she smiled, maybe blushing, but probably not, because she considered herself pretty slutty and it took a hell of a lot more than what they'd done to her to get her to blush.

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