Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

“Excuse me. If you are done using the leg press, do you mind if I take a turn?” She said, with a slight agitation in her voice.

“Oh, um sure… I was just finishing up.” Andy replied.

“I can tell.” She said, sarcastically.

Great looking and a bit of a bite to her; just how Andy liked them.

Everything about Andy’s apartment building was not large. There were only 4 floors, and 30 rooms. The workout room was no exception, and was rarely ever in use. He liked this fact, and utilized it as a safe haven of sorts, where he could unwind and relax alone. If it were anyone else in here with him today he probably would have gotten upset, called it a day, and headed back up his room to watch a movie with his booty-call-of-the-week. But, this girl was intriguing to him, and he had to make a move. After about 10 minutes of that “Steele charm” he prided himself in, the two found themselves deep in conversation. Andy was sitting on the side of the bicycle machine’s seat, and the girl standing next to, using the handlebars to stretch her lower body. She was using her right leg to balance herself, while her left rested on the bar of his machine. She would turn her back to him periodically, to switch legs, but the bulk of her time was spent with that left leg. He had not even gotten her name yet, but there is something about being eye level with a camel toe that does things to a man. Andy made the first move.

When she repositioned herself for the 3rd time, so that her ass was in his face, Andy stood up and put both his hands on her waist. The blonde slowly brought her right leg back to the ground, turned her head so that she could see him out of the corner of her left eye, licked her lips and smirked. That was all Andy could handle. He pulled her body to his, bent down and began to run the tip of his tongue along the back of her neck, just below the ear. Andy’s left hand made its way in between the cloth of her pants and the bare skin of her hip. That is one of the best things about yoga pants, there are rarely any panties to get in the way. His right hand meandered up from her other hip, to her stomach, and finally to her breast where he took a handful and squeezed. It was a gentle but stern grip; one that was not tight enough to cause pain, but was just forceful enough to let her know who is boss. The blonde let out a slight gasp at the turn of events, and he could now feel her body move with each breath she took. She’s ready.

The clothes were ripped off feverishly by both parties. Her warm body pressed against his, and he could feel her hard nipples rub against his torso while she took a handful of hair and nibbled on his right earlobe. Andy took two hands worth of butt cheek and lifted the blonde into the air. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he lowered her gently to the ground, and he plunged deep inside of her. She let out a loud moan. Then he heard the sirens. He did not know how long they had been audible, but when she moaned so close to his ear, it took him out of his zone and reality began to fabricate itself to his brain, and the setting with which this was occurring became clear. He could not go to jail, not again.

“The cops are here!” Andy whispered as he stood up and tried to locate his clothes. “Someone must have seen us and called them!”

“Oh shit!” The blonde exclaimed. “What do we do?”

Andy had been through this before, 5 times to be exact. He knew that he had to make sure she was safe. Hell, maybe that would make her even hornier for him and it would result in some “thanks for keeping me out of jail” sex, once he got released. Geez, the sirens were right on top of them now, and he looked out the window to see 3 cop cars whizzing down the road in their direction.

“Okay. You go out the back and head straight for your apartment. I will go out front and turn myself in to stall them long enough for you to get away.”

Without saying a word, she finished pulling her pants up, slipped into her tennis shoes and booked it out the back door, and out of sight.

“Here we go…” Andy sighed. He stepped out the front door with his hands held high in the air just as the first policeman screeched to a halt.

Chapter Two

“Mr. Steele, I assume you know why we are here.” Officer Johnson said, calmly exiting his vehicle.

“I do.” Andy said, disgusted that he was going through this yet again.

“Well then, put your hands behind your back. You have the right to remain silent…” the cold metal of the cuffs made contact with Andy’s wrists, and he winced as the ‘click’ sealed his fate. “…anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law…”

Andy peered through the glass panel of his holding cell, determining which of the female cops he would rather get it on with, weighing the pros and cons of each candidate. They do not even bother with the paperwork now. She always comes to bail him out.

Ms. Ruthers was perfect, no matter if it was skirt day or sweat pant day, Andy thought to himself as he gazed at her brilliance. His bastard classmates came up with this lie that lusting over her all year would lead you into the realm of puberty. A place little boys went, never to return. But, Andy did not believe that old wise tale. He had been in her class for almost a full 6 months now, and nothing had happened. His doctor called him a “late bloomer” and reassured his mother that it was nothing to worry about. When she left the room so he could check under Andy’s shorts, he asked the boy, “Has it gotten hard before, Andy?” The frightened 13 year old shook his head. “Well, there will come a time when it does, and I do not want you to be scared. When this happens, just tell your mother that you need to make an appointment with me, okay?”

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