Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

And then she made the connection.

That had been her co-worker Allie, who indeed had invited her to her daughter's birthday party later on this week, and who indeed had a stepson (whom she probably did not fuck), but aside from that the two of them bore no relation whatsoever.

And then she made another realization.

She glanced at the windows and saw light streaming in into her bedroom from the outside.

She turned, panicking, and looked at the clock.

11:42 AM.

Lucy was officially very, very, very late for work.


She rushed into the shower to cleanse herself of the slumbering sweat of such an intense orgasm (though couldn't avoid a quickie session with the shower head in the process) and scrambled out the front door, once again neglecting to put on panties as she hurriedly made her way to the office.

To Be Continued…

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