Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

Trebor didn't say anything more as he led her out of the space taxi by the hand, and the two of them made their way together into the ship's control room. He was wearing the same skimpy red underwear that he had during their last encounter, and Lucy hung back a couple of paces to walk behind him, and watch his ripe ass jiggling beneath the fabric.

Vaguely, she wondered when exactly it had been that she'd gone from mere sex enthusiast to certifiable nymphomaniac status. She had just had her holes plugged by just about every male worker in her office, banged a couple of females while she was at it, and stretched her physical limits to the breaking point an hour or so ago, and now she was getting slick between the legs once more for a vigorous caning from these two familiar space sodomites.

Did her depravity know no bounds?

Nope, she decided, and fingered herself below her skirt as she walked.

Chapter Two

Yrag, she decided, was still just as fine as his co-abductor, his muscles and cock both bulging fiercely at her in greeting, and making Lucy want to jump straight out of her clothes right there on the spot and be taken by both of them.

Her chance would cum soon, she thought.

“Lucy,” he said as she walked through the doorway. “It's a pleasure to see you again.”

“Same to you,” said Lucy, “What's new?”

“Well... Let me cut to the chase. Do you remember why we abducted you last time?”

“To fuck me?” she asked, with bizarre innocence.

Yrag laughed. “Well, yes... But why, specifically, you?”

“Ohhhhh... Well, it was something about you were going to destroy the Earth, and you wanted to take some Earth pussy with you before it was all gone forever. And since it was my dream, you chose me.” It all seemed simple enough to her, but Yrag shook his head in dissent.

“No, no, no. You've got about 95 percent of that all wrong!”

“Oh?” asked Lucy, surprised, and a little disappointed that her expert deductions hadn't been quite as true as she thought they'd been.

“For starters, that wasn't a dream. That was all real. If you don't believe me, look at your ass. There's a barcode we left printed back there in case we ever needed to find you again.”

Without thinking, Lucy pulled down her skirt and panties. They fell to the floor with a plop, leaving her stark naked from the waist down. It didn't matter. These men weren't real, and they'd seen her naked before, and they'd been inside anything she was showing them in the dirtiest of ways as it was, and they were about to do it again, and she would be saving them the step of stripping her themselves. And, what was more, Lucy just didn't give a damn. These two had supposedly tattooed something on her without her knowledge, and she felt she owed them nothing in terms of preserving modesty.

And sure enough, there it was, a little strip of black lines running vertically along the curvature of her ass, as though she could be stuck on a department store shelf and purchased for consumption by any old Joe.

“Son of a bitch... What the fuck, dude?!”

“Second of all,” continued Yrag, ignoring her protestations, “It is not we who wish to destroy your planet. It is an evil species from a distant planet who is responsible for that, a group known as the Femfatals, who for some reason want nothing more than to see your way of life eliminated.”

“God,” said Lucy, suddenly forgetting about the tattoo for a minute, deciding that this news probably took some precedent. “That's awful!”

“And finally, the reason we abducted you is because we thought you one of the most sexually viable members of your species. As you know, we tested that theory, by humping your lights out together, and found that the results were slightly disillusioning to what we'd hoped...”

“Oh?” This was disappointing news. If Lucy didn't qualify as sexually viable, then who did, she wondered?

“So, as you know we returned you for a while, and spent the next week, um... Exploring other candidates...”

“Fucking them like you did me, you mean?” said Lucy flatly, and with a mild hint of jealousy.

“Um... Yes... We tried a fairly broad spectrum of candidates. Porn stars, town tarts, female vice presidential candidates... But remarkably, we found that mankind's capacity for sexual activity is far lower than that of other species. Your kind is just simply lousy at doing it! I mean, you've spent half of your history on the planet outlawing the good stuff, for Christ's sake! You haven't had the chance to evolve your libidos properly...”

“I see...” said Lucy, feeling a bit of species-wide inferiority at his words.

“But, as far as that goes, once we factored in these other variables, we did some recalculating as to your own capabilities.”

“Oh?” she said, lighting up.

“We've decided that, given how much the rest of you all suck at fucking, you are the vessel most capable of acting as a preserver of your race, should that be your desire.”

“Now don't sweet talk me too hard,” she said dryly.

Yrag chuckled. “Sorry... It's just that, we've come to approach this rather scientifically at this point. We know what we need, and we know who will work best to fulfill that need. And we believe the answer is you, Lucy. If you are willing. We will of course need to put you through another litany of tests before we can know for sure... Tests that will push your endurance to its limits, that will drag your body to the edge of sensation, will make you want to explode with pleasure, will make you come so hard that you start to...”

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