Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan


That was enough talking for her. She tore off her blouse, the buttons flying all across the ship, landing in several corners, her bra falling gently to the floor with her underwear, leaving her standing stark naked and vulnerable in front of her two prospective fornicators.

“I get it already. My tits are hanging out aren't they? Let's see how much damage you can do...”

Yrag and Trebor both looked at one another, and smiled. They might as well have been giving each other high fives.

There was no more discussion now.

The red undies fell down around their ankles, and the two octococks squirmed freely through the air, writhing hungrily for a hole to burrow into.

The XXXperiment to preserve mankind had officially begun.

Chapter Three

They took her in shifts.

Yrag hunkered down on his knees, his head positioned squarely between Lucy's thighs. His tongue flickered like a snake into her cooter, lashing deep, swirling up her juices and spitting them back inside, savoring her delectable, salty, Earthy taste. He hit all the right spots, expertly, tracing out her feminine contours with exquisite strokes of the tongue. Her knees trembled, quivering around his head, threatening to bonk him accidentally from one second to the next. Her breathing was already faint with ecstasy, and she had to hold a hand on Yrag's head to try and steady herself, pulling him deeper inside of her, his reptilian tongue plunging higher and higher up inside her body.

Trebor, meanwhile, worked her upper half. He ran hot, wet, gooey, perfect kisses all around her torso from behind. An internal heat was radiating from her body, causing her skin to percolate, sweat beading up across her entire surface, dribbling down along the contours of her form, pooling in her navel, dripping from her tits, carving down along her like rain on a windowpane. It dripped down onto Yrag's bobbing head, and only grew more intense with every passing kiss, every single caress bestowed upon her by Trebor. He lapped up the salty substance from her shoulder blades, drinking up her pleasure, taking nourishment from her ecstasy. He ran slow, deliberate kisses up and down along her neck, nibbling on her, his own long tongue darting, wrapping, licking her playfully as he did so. Lucy rolled around her head in pleasant agony, whispering out a hot breath with every tiny, tender bite he took. Slowly he caressed her breasts from behind as he kissed, running his fingers lovingly around their smooth terrain, cupping, sliding, tracing circles around her divine nipples, pulling on them, digging in his fingernails just a little bit, enough to titillate her just that inch further. She sighed. His cocks explored her body in slow, gentle trails, gliding along her sleek, slick surface, slithering with perfect wickedness, but never penetrating. One cock he kept sliding up and down in between the cheeks of her ass, grinding as though sawing her in two, readying her for the eventual butt pounding that was to come, easing her open, accustoming her to the idea of being accosted, of her tight booty being stormed into by his thick, raging hard-on, and possibly more than one.

She thought she would go mad as his kisses ran down to the small of her back.

And then, after a few minutes, the two amorous aliens would switch positions, each taking on the other's rolls. Every once in a while, they would give one another hand jobs while they suckled on her. They would grab one another's unoccupied cocks with their free hands and start pumping, their hands running like a marathon along one another's mile-long shafts, the trek from one position to the next seeming interminable due to the length.

And sometimes, just for her gratification, they would take breaks between swapping, and would let Lucy be to pleasure one another, a visual treat to say the least, their muscular arms seizing one another, their sweaty bodies grinding, bumping, sliding along, their cocks entwining, occasionally penetrating one another from behind, three or four cocks per ass, showing her the ropes, as it were, demonstrating that what was extreme for a human was just another day of humping for such erotically experienced lifeforms as themselves.

Lucy was glad that she could do her small part to help save the Earth. It really was a sacrifice to watch these two immaculate beings butt-fucking one another, but someone had to do it.

She could hardly even wait for the two of them to get their multiple cocks inside her.

And then they did.

Well, then Yrag did. She was a little confused, and mildly disappointed at first.

The first time they'd engaged in this multilateral assault on her body they'd had her floating in midair, and doubled up on her from the get go, cumming at her from every direction, twisting and turning her in ways that would not have been possible within the normal confines of gravity.

Now, though, she lay hunkered on a small bed-like platform, not floating, with her legs in the air, her knees bent, her ankles pinned around Yrag's devilishly happy face. With agonizing slowness he pierced the folds of her flesh, driving his spear deep inside of her with his limb-sized cock, skimming along the tissues of her body, making her burn with the perfect reunion   of organ into organ, touching base with some of the deepest caverns of her insides, causing her to gasp, and then slowly, very slowly, suctioning back out. The first, measured, perfect thrust, the shooting of the starter's pistol, signaling the nearing approach of the others.

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