Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

The race was on.

From here, Yrag took little precaution before tearing into her. He wobbled back and forth for a while, giving his sculpted pelvis a few silent thrusts into her's, their skin not yet colliding, but dipping in and out like a brush into a paint can, fast, rapid, liquid, frictionless. Trebor, for his part, was not yet participating, which stunned Lucy, as she was expecting this to be a test of her endurance, not some vanilla fling with only one of the two partners. Trebor just stood there, masturbating, a cock pumping away in each fist, a few of the others twisting like knots around one another, others pointing in her direction as though watching them screw, waiting for their opportunity to jump in on a piece of the action.

Soon, the pumping intensified. Feeling his erection firmly in place inside of her, Yrag thrust in earnest now, arcing hard back and forth, slamming forward his pelvis into Lucy, forcing her to grab onto the sides of her bed to keep from being humped off of it. This was more like what she had in mind.

More cocks joined in as he fucked. Two, three, four, five, six... Soon, all fucking eight of his massive members were squeezed into her holes, and Lucy's eyes were wide at how devastatingly fast things had escalated. Her ass was stretched to within an inch of its life, and her pussy felt like it was going to tear down the middle should it be filled with a single extra ounce. What's more, he screwed with the vigor and intensity of a rabbit, taking little heed to her moans of ecstasy and pain, his body gyrating in an unfettered blur of motion, their sweaty skin pounding like thunder throughout the chamber, KLAP, KLAP, KLAP, KLAP, KLAP, KLAP, KLAP!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooooood!” she screamed, her tits jiggling like fallen water balloons across her chest, flapping about without aim, her fingers curled into the sides of the bed, her sweating so intense she thought she would lube herself right down onto the floor if things got much more intense.

And then they did.

The thrusting momentarily stopped, and she felt her body hurled into stillness, her heart beating like a metronome in her chest, her hair plastered in thick wet strands across her face, her entire being poised for whatever erotic tortures were about to come next.

She looked past her sneering fucker, and saw with some horror what was about to happen next.

Trebor ran his hand smoothly along Yrag's body, his eight cocks still plunged waist deep into Lucy, her holes exploding with sensation around them. The two of them kissed, Trebor leaning over his shoulder, sliding his long wet tongue down Yrag's throat. He tugged on his lip with his teeth as they pulled away, and then the two of them looked with menace in their eyes at Lucy, lying there, captive to their cocks, trembling, ready and terrified at what was probably about to happen.

Trebor stepped back behind Yrag, then drilled inside.

Yrag grunted, gasping, tilting his head in the air as Trebor slid four of his long, veiny, perfect cocks up his asshole. “Ohhhhhhh, Gooood,” he moaned, echoing Lucy and slowly lowering his head back down toward her.

Lucy gulped.

There will still four unoccupied cocks looking for a home.

They were suddenly inside of her.

Twelve. Cocks.

Split between her ass and her pussy, there were twelve massive, hard, throbbing erections crammed into her body, stretching her to an extent she'd foolishly supposed impossible outside of maybe childbirth, making her burst into flames at the loins with sensation, twisting, swirling, writhing around one another savoringly inside her body.

And then they started pounding.

Lucy thought she might die.

Trebor fucked even harder, more furiously, more relentlessly than Yrag, slamming into his ass as though with some sort of vengeance, attempting to tear him apart, slamming his male partner's body even deeper into Lucy as he pummeled him, and his own cocks doing their own share of damage as he screwed.

Klpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklpklp, they echoed.

A chorus of “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh God”s rose up from both Yrag and Lucy, each overwhelmed with the vicious invasion of their bodies, each poised to explode with the force of the men inside of them. Lucy felt herself splitting apart beneath the vigorous thrust, her insides turning into a pleasant mush from the overabundance of genital attention, the depths to which her caverns were being explored unexpected, unimaginable, unacceptable, and unbelievably wonderful.

She could scarcely catch her breath, and her agonized moans slowly drooped into an indecipherable, “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,” as they thrashed her.

It was too much.

The two of them and their twelve disciples were sending her into orbit.

Her sweaty body writhed like a dying animal's, slipping all around on the bed as though subjected to an electric shock, the only think keeping her from falling off altogether being Yrag's hands on her ankles- and possibly the bouquet of erections lodged inside her body, whose heads might be too wide to allow her to slip from their grip had she wanted too.

Slowly, she felt her body dissipate into the air, trembling with the initial pangs of a combined anal and vaginal orgasm, brought on by this most sublime casual encounter of the third kind, energy shooting like beams of light from every nook and crevice of her body.

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