Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

“Oh... Oh... Oh... OH GOD!” she moaned at last, stretched past her breaking point at last, and tumbling through hyperspace into a flailing, messy dance of of unspeakable orgasm.

With an unthinkable fury she came crashing back down to the earth she was fucking for, her body slamming back into reality, her limbs all aquiver with sensation, her entire person flopping like a fish out of water on the floor of the ship. How she had gotten down here, she hadn't the faintest idea, nor did she know how long it had been since she'd had the two aliens inside her. But her body was draped in the hot gooey cum of twelve extraterrestrial ejaculations, steaming from her skin, and sticking to Yrag and Trebor as the two of them leaned into her on the floor, kissing her on either side, lapping up the passionate moisture from the sweaty, withered terrains of her now-exhausted body. She hadn't remembered the two of them being able to cum in the past- she thought it was a luxury denied this strange alien race's biological capabilities, but she was glad to be cloaked in their otherworldly semen all the same.

“Well,” said Yrag, raising himself up at last from her skin, looking smug, “It looks like you've passed the first of our tests with flying colors this time. You better be turning in soon, though, and first thing tomorrow morning we'll get started on the real tests on your endurance.”

Lucy shuddered.

She could not even begin to fathom what other unspeakable tortures these two might inflict upon her fragile body...

...Nor could she wait to find out...

The End

XXXperiment – Book 2: Probed

Chapter One

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty...”

Lucy moaned. Slowly, she raised herself up off of the cold metal floor, her naked body chilled and shivering, still moist with sweat from the previous evening's erotic escapades.

“Oh God... Where am I?”

“You're abooooooout... A million miles away from home right now,” said one of the two men who'd banged her into unconsciousness, and she remembered now exactly where she was.

“Oooh, that's right... I'm on the spaceship thingy...”

Lucy had been informed only hours before that she'd been chosen as the soon-to-be last living ambassador of the human race by a pair of sexy green space aliens, who'd abducted her after a wild drunken night at the office. They'd kindly informed her that her planet had been slated for demolition by an opposing race of extraterrestrials, the Femfatals, and that Lucy would be forced to undergo a series of grueling erotic experiments in order to test her sexual viability.

It was a big sacrifice to make for the home team, but someone had to do it.

And Lucy really, really, really liked doing it.

However, she had expected a little bit more of a break in between poundings. She could only make it through so many alien orgies, a record twelve cocks plugging up her body all at the same time, without getting a little bit of rest and reprieve between shifts.

But, she decided, if this was what was needed to ensure the survival of humanity, she supposed taking a few extra hard-ons here and there was probably her civic duty or something.

She stood dazedly to her feet, her tits swinging lazily from her chest as she rose.

“I, uh... Yeah, yeah of course... Just... God, I have such a headache... Do you care if I... Get ready and everything, first?”

“Actually,” said one of the two- Yrag, she decided, as Trebor stood smiling with his arms folded behind his back. “That is exactly what we had in mind... With some stipulations...”

“Oh?” asked Lucy, her grogginess vanishing rather suddenly, and she was sure the two of them loved seeing her go wet between the legs as they spoke.

“You see,” continued Trebor, “Part of mankind's problem sexually is that you just don't do it enough. In order to ensure the propagation of our own species, we advanced life forms have taken to copulating at all hours of the day, during our daily routines, for instance, instead of just at night in bed like you prudish humans are wont to do.”

“For instance,” added Yrag, “Trebor and I give one another blowjobs all throughout the day just to keep our genetic material flowing properly. He might have his hands on the steering wheel of the ship, for example, and I'll have my lips pressed around his long hard cock down below. Or we might jack one another off while we're making repairs. Stuff like that...”

“Ah... I see...” said Lucy, and she waited intently to hear what her sentence would be.

“So,” resumed Trebor, “What we want is for you to go about your day as usual, and along the way you'll be encountering a gamut of sexual obstacles that should successfully test your abilities when it comes to multitasking.”

“We want to see just how much of a load you can handle,” concluded Yrag.

“That sounds... Wonderful,” said Lucy, a bit flustered, but excited to see what they had in store for her.

“So... Why don't you go ahead and get cleaned up... Take a shower, and uh... See what's waiting for you there....”

Lucy gulped. She would have to mentally prepare herself for whatever tortures they had in mind for her body, and fast, if she was going to make it through this first day in one piece.

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