Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

“Here's a towel,” said Yrag, handing her the dinkiest of articles that would scarcely fit around her waist, and the two aliens left her to her own devices, naked and vulnerable and uncertain, not to mention instantaneously horny.

She set off in the direction of the bathroom.


Initially, at least, there wasn't a lot to get worked up about. She crept nervously into the bathroom, and off the bat was surprised at how anthropocentric the facilities were. This didn't look like she imagined any high tech outer space commode, it just seemed like a normal, average, human bathroom. There were candles lit all throughout the room, which did set the mood for romance, but the crux of the matter was that there was no one in here waiting for her other than herself. Not another single living soul of any species, nor any sort of high tech devices that looked as though they'd been left there for her consumption. She even looked inside all the cabinets for the distant hope that someone might be hiding out in there, but no- Nothing!

It was just a boring, ordinary, utterly unremarkable human bathroom.

Lucy sighed. She couldn't pretend she wasn't disappointed. She'd expecting something brilliant for her first official day of experimentation, but it didn't appear as though brilliance was to be found.

She shrugged. Maybe they just want me to finger myself in the shower, she considered, and after waiting a few minutes for the cool stream of water to warm, she stepped inside.

The pulsating stream felt wonderful on her skin.

Lucy realized for the first time that she felt incredibly dirty, and not in the good way she normally did. In Earth time, it was now Saturday morning, and she hadn't last showered since Wednesday evening, after a Thursday all-nighter at the office, a Friday night spent in outer space, and several dozens of sweaty people grinding their bodies up against her. A nice long soak was now well overdue.

She lathered up a thick foam of shampoo in her hands, the iridescent bubbles glistening with every movement, and slowly, very slowly, began to rub her own body. She spread it through her hair, sculpting it into a beautiful soapy mess, then brought her hands down to her breasts, caressing them, running her fingers in tender circles as she coated them as well, bringing about a brilliant shine that almost made her smile.

She squirted out another handful of shampoo and continued lathering herself, running her hands lovingly across her taught abdomen, painting it white, a delightful little soap bubble precisely filling up her belly button. She moved all the way down to the triangle of skin below her waist before stopping, then reached around, sudsing up her rump, loving the slick, liquid glide of her fingers along the contours of her plump round ass.

Getting herself off manually after all this slow titillation would be a cinch.

A shower, she decided, had been exactly what she'd needed.

She leaned into the stream of the shower head, and let the thick, sudsy streams of lather cascade down across the planes of her body, washing down along her surface like a raging waterfall, gliding perfectly, drops curving around her navel and dribbling down into her pussy, trickling down her legs and then at last rolling down into the holes of the tub drain. The shampoo from her hair rained an opaque curtain of white around her field of vision, and she closed her eyes to avoid it, savoring the hot, beautiful, steamy feeling, rolling her head around sensuously, her hand moving slowly for the wet gap between her legs.

And that's when she felt a thick hand tapping her from behind.

She gasped, her eyes springing open, the shampoo stinging them, blinding her, forcing her to rub them clean with her wet, frenzied fingers.

When at last she could see, she let out an even more substantial gasp than before.

“Mind if I join you?”

Standing there, towering over her, his head practically cramped against the ceiling, was the largest man or man-shaped being Lucy had ever laid eyes on. He peered in longingly at her naked flesh, his own skin a grayish alien color and his muscles bulging, his erect cock waggling slightly in the open air, so large that Lucy could scarcely figure out how he avoided falling over. It was practically the size of an extra limb, she thought, and began to feel faint at the realization that this was the aliens' intended first test.

“Oh my God,” said Lucy, a bit lost for words otherwise, and the giant smiled.

“It's rude to stare,” he said playfully, but did a little pelvic dance for her, letting the perverse thing jiggle for her benefit.

“So, uh... I guess you're the first test...” She gulped.

“Golath is my name,” he grumbled, “And yes. Let's just say I'm here to wake you up...”

Lucy stole one last look at the fright of a thing and then stood back, making room for her well-endowed new guest. “Well... Come on in, then, I guess...”

It was like watching an elephant get in the tub with her.

His gleaming skin slid up against Lucy's, his muscles splashing in the water, his cock patting her on the head as it danced above her hair.

“God... I'm not sure whether I can handle all that...” she shuddered, gazing up at it, unable to conjure up even the mental picture of him somehow cramming that mammoth of an organ into her tight body.

Golath laughed. “No one ever thinks they can... But then they do anyway...”

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