Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

“Uh... Well then...” she said, thinking hard, desperately wanting him inside of her now, but not sure whether she could survive the ride. “I guess let's get started...” She spread her legs apart as much as space would allow her, and once again Golath laughed.

“Maybe I better take the reigns on this one...”

Lucy shrieked. Before she'd known it, Golath had seized her by the waist, with one hand, no less, and turned her around to face the shower head. Oh God, she thought, What have I gotten myself into?

And from here on out, Lucy was like a sex toy to him. He lifted her to his face like a feather, and she shuddered slightly, as his sandpapery tongue began lapping at her twat, running gently up and down along its contours, not to pleasure her so much, she could tell, but to lubricate her, his syrupy saliva hotter and thicker than any she'd ever felt from a fellow human being.

He pulled her away finally, a long sticky thread of spit dripping from her cooch to his lips before finally snapping, and lowered her down along his body, her limbs hanging freely like a rag doll's, her nerves piqued, her entire body braced for what was sure to be a deep impact.

“You ready?” he grunted.

“No...” she quivered. “But go ahead and tear me apart...”

Lucy had been with men who'd used artificial pocket pussies as sex toys now and then, and this was more in line with how Golath used her at this point than as a sex partner. Very little effort was made by the giant himself, and in fact much of his body was unoccupied whatsoever by the undertakings of sexual activity. Lucy was his masturbation sleeve, sliding furiously up and down around his raging hard on with a casual pumping of his wrists, her body squishing and squirming and writhing between his fingers like some brilliant living latex.

She found herself screaming from the get go.

It was like having to sit vagina-first on a parking bollard, and then then being repeatedly slammed up and down into it like a shaft being drawn into a piston. It was a remarkably painful, exceptionally beautiful sensation, the lips of her femininity stretching as though to accommodate a landing airplane each time, and then pulling back out again, every once in a while hitting her with a sack of complimentary nuts.

Her head bobbed in and out of the stream of the shower as he pummeled her, relentlessly, effectively waterboarding her as she flung in and out of the stream, the engorged cleft between her legs verging on far too much for her to handle.

The humping sped to near supersonic levels, and the slapping of her wet skin against his body was like a single audience member trying to clap loudly enough for the entire rest of an otherwise-silent crowd.

Her head light from beautiful agony, she began to tumble into an exquisite free fall of orgasm, her body oozing into itself, until at last he gave her one final slam against his pelvis, pulling her so deep into his body that she thought he might poke through to the other side. She felt his cum gushing forward inside of her body, melting her already-churned pussy, oozing out and seeping in liquid perfection onto the floor of the tub, sending her over the edge, her body convulsing madly in an agonizing seizure of delight.

A few minutes later, and she was lying on the wet floor, her chest heaving, already exhausted from the day, Golath grinning wickedly down at the tattered body of his rag doll.

“Very good,” he said pleasantly, shaking off a bit of cum from his still-raging erection. “I was impressed by how well you handled that...”

“Thanks,” panted Lucy, peering exhaustedly up at him, and then said without thinking about it, “Do you think we could try some fisting?”

Golath looked taken aback for a moment, surprised at her gluttony for punishment, and then smiled, curling his massive hands into head-sized fists as he kneeled down to meet her.

Yrag and Trebor could hear her screaming from the opposite wing of the ship, and smiled at one another.

“So far, so good,” said Trebor.

Chapter Two

Lucy waddled through the ship with her legs outstretched, too sore to close them, sauntering with a gait worthy of a saddle-sore cowboy. “Hello?” she called, seeking her hosts, and she was grateful that Golath hadn't tried to perform oral on her, else she probably wouldn't have a voice box anymore. She was still naked, too, since she'd been given nothing to change into following her dirty shower, and she wondered if being a sexual test subject would mean sitting around the ship naked during the entire trip.

“Ah, Lucy,” said Yrag, appearing rather suddenly, and took her by the hand. “Come... I mean, well... I hear you've done that already twice this morning,” he said slyly, and corrected, “Follow me...”

It occurred to her that the aliens must surely be keeping records of all this, the frequency, duration, and intensity of her orgasms, things like that, and this turned her on a little. It was great to know that what you loved doing anyway could be found so interesting to people who were smarter than you.

“Now, we're going to try something a little less strenuous for today's second test, but I can assure you it is no less stimulating.”

“Okay,” she said, willing and eager and ready for whatever was next.

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