Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

“First of all, put this on,” he said, handing her a blind fold, and instantly she was aroused once more.

“Oooh... Kinky...” She tied it around her eyes, and the interior of the ship was obliterated from view.

“And now this,” he added, and she felt him slipping something like a plush bathrobe around her body, but with legs to it, and zip it up the back, its fuzzy warmth feeling gently sensual against her otherwise-naked skin. “Now, this is a little invention that Trebor and I have come up with, which we refer to affectionately as the kink coat. Its job is to measure out variations in terms of sensation levels, and to stimulate the user accordingly.”

“Oh my...” said Lucy, her imagination already running wild with the idea.

“So, what's going to happen is, you're going to have breakfast- we've laid out a wide selection of stimulating space fruits for you try- astrodisiacs, they're called, similar in appearance and taste to fruits found on Earth, but with added sexual properties, that should each activate the coat in different ways. You being blindfolded should add to the suspense of not knowing what you're putting in your mouth each time.”

“You're overselling all this...” said Lucy impatiently. “Just get me in there already!”

The kink coat would later go down as one of Lucy's stranger and more memorable XXXperiments. Like a chameleon, its shape and texture changed with astonishing conviction. She would blindly grope the dining table, pick up a fruit- a cherry, for instance- and she would pop it intoher mouth, its red, warm tang making her nipples stand erect, and suddenly the coat would turn from plush to silk, billowing sensually across the folds of her body, and endowing her breasts in particular with a beautiful feeling of stimulation.

She would peel a banana, and lodge its phallic head into her throat, gagging herself just for fun with the thrusting motion of fellatio, and the coat would transform into leather, tightening around her body, constricting her neck a bit, compressing against her tits like a vacuum, riding up pleasantly between her legs and pulling on her cooter as it shrunk.

At one point, she blindly bit into an avocado, and a series of hard nubs popped up all around the suit, pressing into her, jutting into her various orifices, making her squirm as though some force was closing in all around her, attempting to crush her.

She climaxed finally at figs, perhaps the most ancient of forbidden fruits, their gummy sweetness turning the coat into a texture she could scarcely identify, but it was like wearing a second skin, grinding strangely around every inch of her body, heating her up with its friction, quenching her with a pouring flood of sweat.

She came.

It was no run-of-the-mill orgasm either, but a rare full-body affair, her every limb jittering with pleasure, her spine uncertain as to which way it should writhe, her mind shooting off into orbit and the chances realistic that it may never elect to come back down again.

But it did, finally, after what felt like hours, and possibly was, because when she removed the blindfold again she saw her hosts standing there, smiling, nodding their heads with approval.

“Very, very impressive,” said Trebor, scribbling something on a notepad, and Yrag nodded in agreement.

“We may have underestimated her stamina and abilities. That was a fine erotic performance if ever I saw one.”

“Thanks,” panted Lucy, her cheeks red this time, but from exhaustion rather than embarrassment. “Can I keep this thing?”

They both laughed. “Maybe later,” said Yrag. For now we need you to take it back off, and resume your daily schedule as normal.

“My normal daily schedule wouldn't involve sitting around naked, but whatever you say,” she said, a little bummed about having to give the thing up.

“Now, Lucy,” said Trebor, seeming not to notice, “What would you say would be the next step in your day? After, you know, getting ready and everything?”

“Well,” said Lucy, considering. “Normally I would go into work, but unless you abducted my entire office complex without my knowing it, I doubt that's gonna happen.”

“Okay,” said Yrag patiently. “Let's say on the weekend, then.”

“Um... I'd probably just lay around and watch TV for a while?”

“Then that's precisely what you'll do,” said Trebor, and Lucy didn't like the way he smiled.

Chapter Three

Lucy was amazed at how many channels they got out here in space. Their cable package seemed better than her own at home, and had she not been floating around on what was ostensibly an extraterrestrial sex ship, she might very well have spent the day lying around nude and channel surfing. Presently, she flipped through channel upon channel of pay-per-view sporting events, cartoons, movies from the 1990s, home shopping, and at last settled on a shitty reality program she liked featuring spoiled celebrities acting like morons for a half hour. This was the life.

Lucy was even more amazed when a human-shaped robot strolled casually into the room, endowed, it was impossible not to notice, with a gleaming silicon hard-on hanging from his waist, looking poised to be put to good use. Lucy didn't move, but followed him with her eyes as he came near, wondering how tactlessly this clunky metal man would make his request to screw her.

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