Everyone Is Invited

By: Stacey Morgan

“I have been instructed to screw you,” he said, so flatly and robotically that it shattered even Lucy's low expectations.

“I figured as much,” said Lucy, and she stared, considering, at his mechanical erection.

“Would you like to screw with me?” asked the robot, with painful awkwardness, but Lucy was too preoccupied with the notion of being fucked by a robot to consider his lack of social graces.

“Hmm...” said Lucy, pretending to think about it, but of course she did. “Yeah, I guess that would be alright. Do you want me to get down on my hands and knees, or...”

“No, no, no,” said the robot, hurriedly, waving his hands in front of him. “Your job is to see how sexcessfully you can go about your daily routine while simultaneously indulging your erotic inclinations, and thus this needs to commence with as little distraction as possible.”

“Oh... Alright then...” she said, a little confused.

“You stay right where you are, and I shall screw you. I shall screw you real good, and I shall not even obstruct your view of the TV.

“Sounds... fun,” said Lucy, and could already feel her muscles begin to contract. She spread her legs out for him, clearing the runway as it were, but inconvenienced herself in no other way, thinking that this was what was intended for her by Yrag and Trebor.

A few seconds later, she felt the robot's legs draped around her waist, and she couldn't keep herself from looking as he slid his generous mechanical cock into her body.

She swallowed hard.

He was in a bizarre, face down position, a wheelbarrow, basically, with his hands on the floor, his head upside down, his roboner penetrating her from what would normally have been the completely wrong angle. But it felt wonderful, Lucy thought, and almost instantly her pummeling began.

Lucy gasped, suppressing an agonized moan of delight.

Her shoulders cringed, writhing in snake-like fashion as she tried to keep them steady. Her fingernails dug into the throw pillows, doing a lousy job of stabilizing her, and she had to struggle to keep her eyes fixed on the TV, where to air-headed brunettes with huge asses exploited their bimbo-hood for millions. The cybernetic sexpot was pummeling away at her pussy as though mining her, searching for treasure, his perfectly replicated cock hurdling mechanically, inoutinoutinoutinoutinoutinout, tenderizing her, churning her into a liquid, causing her to convulse and squirm and quiver and writhe with delight. Her knees gravitated inward like magnets, closing in around the thrusting metal fiend, and at last she had to give up resistance and participate in the antics, cocking her head back, her hair swirling over her ears, arching her spine, seizing hold of the robot's legs and pulling him even closer into herself.

“Ohhhhhhhh, GOD!” she exclaimed, and the robot did absolutely nothing at all with the rest of his body. He just stood there on his hands, even his pelvis completely still, and his manufactured penis jackhammering away at Lucy's tender parts with a mechanical vengeance.

She thought as she drifted away into the perfect blankness of orgasm, It feels good to be doing the right thing for my kind. Really, really good..

And she wondered as she passed out what the invading snatch-snatchers might have in store for her next.

The End

XXXperiment - Book Three: Snatched

Public Andy-cency

Chapter One

Ms. Ruthers sat perched on her 3 feet tall stool in front of her 2nd period English class. The altitude was enough for her to sit high enough up so that, in her mind, all of the students could see her clearly while giving the lesson. It worked out perfectly, and probably too perfectly. The boys at Meadow Oak Junior High referred to her as, “Ms. Puberty” since she taught 7th graders. The thought was, if you had not hit puberty before you stepped foot in her classroom, you would by the time the school year ended.

Andy Steele sat in his usual spot; back chair, 4th row from the door. He adored everything that was Ms. Ruthers, and refused to join in when the pube driven 13 year olds defiled her name at lunch. Because of this, his list of friends did not extend to much more than a few. She looked particularly beautiful on this cold winter day. Maybe it was because she was adorned in her pink button down blouse, always with the top 3 unbuttoned, and the harsh winter had given him nothing more than grey skies for the past 3 months. Maybe it was because this was a skirt day. Skirt days were always looked forward to in Ms. “Puberty’s” class, due to the height of her stool. When she readjusted to get comfortable, and crossed her left leg over the right, you could almost always get a peek at the color of underwear she chose that morning. Given that this was her first teaching gig, she could not have been older than 26. Her pantie collection was vast and were always colorful. Or, maybe it was just because Ms. Ruthers was perfect, Andy thought….

“Excuse me.”

Andy snapped into reality from his daydream, back to his apartment’s small workout facility. Surprised, he turned to his right to see a blonde in black yoga pants with a pink stripe running down the side. Her bright pink spandex top matched the stripe, and her shoelaces were even pink. What a colorfully sexy woman.

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