Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

Chapter 1

-The lonely billionaire-

Obrien couldn’t get enough of the new title that had recently been awarded to him. He always loved it when everyone at the hospital referred to him as Doctor Obrien and always smiled from ear to ear. Ever since he was a little boy, Obrien had wanted to help the poor people in some way.

And as he grew up, it became somewhat of an obsession and there was absolutely nothing he could do but submit.

His dad was a multibillionaire who had interests in real estate and being the only child, he had wanted Obrien to grow up to become just like him. Eventually he relented and let him have his way when he realized that Obrien wanted to become a doctor.

His grades in school were extremely good and he didn’t qualify to go to Harvard just because of the money, but because his grades allowed him to.

When Obrien was in his second year of med school, his parents were involved in a tragic plane crush which claimed the lives of everyone who was onboard. He was left with no other choice but to inherit the entire fortune.

Apart from coming to terms with the unexpected demise of his parents, Obrien had another problem that made him really restless.

Girls wanted to be with him and not because he was smart or prudent or handsome but because he was a billionaire in his own right. This proved to be a difficult situation when trying to find a good woman to spend the rest of his life with.

The remaining years at Harvard flew past as though they were months and Obrien finally graduated as a doctor. This was the happiest day of his life. He had achieved something by his own merit via working hard and not being handed it like he was taught from the cradle.

After the graduation ceremony, it was time for him to go back home and take care of business.

The first thing he did was found a board of trustees to foresee all of his father’s business ventures. Once this task was completed, he decided to use a fraction of his fortune to open a hospital in Brooklyn where the less fortunate could get medical attention at very affordable rates to no charge at all.

This had been his number one priority and he was glad that he had the money to pursue it. So after going over the paperwork with his lawyers, it was time for him to go out there and achieve his dreams.

Starting up the hospital wasn’t as complicated as some people had presumed. This was partly due to the fact that Obrien had money. So within a couple of months’ time, the center was able to open and anyone in need was able to come for treatment at the Obrien Senior Brooklyn Hospital, named in the memory of his late father.

Obrien felt that he owed him that much. It wasn’t easy for any father who had wanted to forge his only son into his own image to leave all his dreams and allow for him to become the man he wanted to be.

The grand opening was attended by several billionaires and the event rendered Brooklyn to a standstill. The residents had never seen so many white people in Brooklyn and it was a wonder in itself.

After a week or so, things started running smoothly and the residents of Brooklyn started enjoying the cheap services being offered. Within only a month of operation, the hospital had become one of the busiest health centers in the area.

His hospital provided the best customer service as well as other related medical services.

But even though he was experiencing such great success in a short while, Obrien was still lonely and couldn’t really find a woman to call his own and share it with.

So to combat his loneliness, he worked overtime and ended up staying in the hospital for an entire week without leaving. He also considered relocating from his family mansion and getting an apartment in Brooklyn which was juxtaposed from the hospital.

Even though the loneliness was so oppressive for him, Obrien always made sure that he was doing all in his power to remain clear headed when he was working and eventually, he became the most liked doctor around.

Each and every time he walked through the streets, which were dominated by African Americans, he still felt as though he was a part of them and they always waved and said hi.

Obrien had a secret fantasy about black women but that was one thing that he never got to share with anyone.

He knew that his friends didn’t really approve. And since he was always busy with getting his grades up, Obrien didn’t really have the time to start an argument with his rich friends.

And most importantly, those people knew nothing about personal decisions, fetishes and most importantly, hard work.

As the hospital kept doing well, the number of friends that Obrien made increased. Even the black guys started calling him Obi, a moniker coined from his name. He was invited to parties in the neighborhood and officially became a member of the community by all means.

It took a little while for him to forget the world of the rich and famous to be able to blend in with the ordinary people.

One day as he was checking on the vitals for a patient in the ward, Obrien saw a young woman standing in the lobby. She was pushing someone in a wheel chair and kept asking around for assistance. He walked towards her with a smile on his face and said hi.

“Hello doctor. I came over with my mother for her dialysis treatment and I’m new here. Could you help me please?”

All that time that she was talking, Obrien was looking at her lips go but not hearing anything she said. She was the most beautiful black girl he had ever laid his blue eyes on. For a moment, the girl stopped talking and looked at him.

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