Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

He wished him success in the procedure and went ahead with his business, leaving Obrien wondering what the heck he would do if it turned out his colleague was right.

Cattie not saying hi meant that she was after something or someone else. And right there and then, Obrien knew what his ex-wife was after and that was sabotaging whatever thing he had going with Kerry.

Obrien remembered how Cattie kept on talking about just how lonely she was and how much she wanted him back.

And after telling her that he wasn’t interested in getting back together, Cattie asked if there was a woman in his life. Of course there was, but Obrien left that whatever went on in his personal life was absolutely none of his ex’s business and he told her that. Cattie seemed a little bit hurt with that.

Obrien reached for his pocket for his mobile phone since he wanted to call Kerry but he was going into the theatre. Such gadgets weren’t allowed in there.

Since the procedure was going to take close to eight hours, Obrien knew that it would be too late to talk to Kerry about everything. The only thing he wished was that his colleague was wrong about spotting Cattie in the hospital.

Kerry looked into the rear view mirror for the third time and still could see the dark Mercedes trailing them about three cars away. This wasn’t a good sign at all and she decided to stop the car and wait for them.

“Why are we stopping dear?”

“Nothing mom… I just want to check out what the heck is wrong with the tires. I think I heard something blow up.”

As soon as Kerry got out, she tried to looked into the Mercedes but the windows were tinted and all rolled up. But as soon as it came close to them, the car slowed down and finally stopped.

And while Kerry was still staring at the very expensive car, Cattie came out with a smile on her face. She was holding a brown envelope in her hands as she walked towards Kerry.

“I noticed that you have been following me. I demand to know why?”

“I am very sorry if I scared you. That wasn’t my intention. My name is Cattie. And I have to talk to you about something very sensitive. But we can’t do it on the side of the road. I prefer we look for another place that is rather quiet and private.”

“And why should I even trust you? I don’t know you.” Kerry protested.

“But you know Obrien. So if you care to know what I have for you on him, then meet me at Tony’s Bar and Lounge. I am headed there right now. So you can choose to come find me there after dropping your mother off or not. That’s your call.”

And with that, Cattie stepped back into her posh car and asked the chauffeur to drive off; knowing that curiosity will make Kerry come over. Kerry watched as the car effortlessly drove off until it disappeared.

Kerry had never seen that woman her entire life and the fact that she looked like a CIA agent made her even more curious about meeting her. Maybe Obrien was involved in something illegal and if that was the case, then she had a right to know.

Chapter 9

-I quit-

Tony’s wasn’t that far from Kerry’s place and after she dropped her mother off, she headed there immediately. Kerry was the kind of woman who never liked being left in the dark about everything.

She was still mad at her mom for keeping her in the dark when she was diagnosed with kidney failure and there was absolutely nothing her mother could do to make Kerry forgive her.

And now she was in another issue with the man that she loved. From the look of things, there was something that Obrien was either hiding or neglecting to tell her. Before leaving the house, her mother called her by the door for a little chit chat.

“Kerry, come here my dear girl.”

“Mom is there anything I can do for you because I am heading out and I’m a little bit in a hurry.”

“I just want you to be careful. I saw the woman you talked to when you stopped the car. She might have covered her eyes with her classy, thick rimmed sunglasses but I can sense that she isn’t up to any good.”

“You don’t have to worry about me mum. I can handle myself.”

“And that is my main issue. You can handle yourself rather too well. Just don’t get into trouble. I don’t want you punching rich people in the face because they said something offensive.

If I were you I wouldn’t really go. But knowing you, I know that nothing I can do will stop you from going. So just be careful.”

Kerry kissed her mom on the forehead and left.

Cattie was waiting for Kerry at the bar at Tony’s and she couldn’t help but smile as soon as she came over to the counter and sat down next to her. Cattie noticed that Kerry was a little bit tense and so she offered her a drink.

Kerry turned her offer down, but Cattie ordered her a drink anyway.

“It is rude to refuse a drink from someone who actually cares about you and wants to save you from an inevitable heartache.” Cattie said plainly without looking her in the eyes.

“Well it’s also rude to offer someone a drink after they respectfully turn your offer down. So let’s just get down to business. As you already know, I have a mother back at home that I need to be taking care of right about now.”

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