Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

When she realized that the doctor was in a trance like state, she snapped her fingers at him with a smile on her face.

“Oh, hello… can I help you?” Obrien asked.

The girl and her mother couldn’t help but chuckle politely. The girl’s mother decided to intervene and help the good doctor.

As soon as he showed them the ward that had the dialysis machine, Obrien stood there and watched as the most beautiful girl in the world pushed her mother in a wheelchair.

What kind of a man just watches as a lady pushes a wheelchair and just stands there, Obrien asked himself. That was when he ran after her and asked if he could help her push the wheelchair.

She let go of the chair and took the files from Obrien’s hand.

“If you are going to push my mums chair then carrying your files is the least I can do for you.”

“That’s a fair trade.” Doctor Obrien said, still unable to wipe the smile off his handsome face.

“What the heck is this gibberish right here?” she asked pointing to his scrawling handwriting.

Obrien just laughed as he pushed the door open.

“This is the dialysis ward. So, does the girl who can’t read my gibberish have a name?”

“Her name is Kerry and I believe you are the famous doctor Obrien.” said the woman in the wheelchair.

They shook hands.

Chapter 2

-Decoding Kerry -

That night after meeting Kerry, Doctor Obrien couldn’t unwind and get himself to sleep. He had been away from the dating game for a very long time. He couldn’t stop his minding from racing trying to figure out ways in which he was going to sharpen his skills and seduce Kerry. He had to have her.

The good thing with this neighborhood is that nobody knew that Obrien was a billionaire.

As a matter of fact, they thought he was just a means through which the white billionaires could feel better about themselves.

The locals would approach him to see if it was possible for him to hook them up with someone who had money for a plethora of projects. He would laugh noncommittally right before promising them to try his best.

Obrien knew one thing about Brooklyn and that was the fact that everyone knew each other. And secondly, they never talked to cops, especially the white cops since it was considered snitching. It was the unspoken rule of the hood, snitches get stitches.

But since they had considered him as part and parcel of their community, Obrien thought he would go around and ask his friends about Kerry over a couple of beers.

The following day it was work as usual for him but he had to excuse himself and left early. The good thing is that Obrien had a couple of other competent doctors with him and he trusted them with his own life.

As soon as he got home, he called up some of his black friends to meet up at the bar for a beer; just like he stayed up the other night planning and scheming. Nothing brought the boys out of the yard more than the smell of free booze.

And since it was Obrien buying, they had no problems showing up a couple of minutes earlier.

“You guys got the message?” Obrien asked as soon as he cleared the bill for the first round.

“Yeah Obi, we did. Well I have to say everyone knows Kerry bro. She is the only girl that no one has ever wooed and succeeded.”

“Is that supposed to scare me or something?”

“No Obi. If I wanted to scare you bro, I would pull a gun on you and rob you. But I won’t do that, because you are family.”

Obrien had warned Andre about his violent jokes but he just wouldn’t listen. There were rumors that he once did time for robbing people at gun point, but after coming out of the joint, he was reformed. He still looked as though he could rob someone.

It felt as though he was nostalgic about that lifestyle. But Obrien didn’t judge. He was the kind of person who saw the best in everyone. And besides, today wasn’t about Andre, but about that black girl they all knew too well.

“So, does she live nearby?” Obrien asked Andre right before he sipped from his schooner.

Andre did the same and then rubbed his hands vigorously as though he was meditating. His other friends also took their beers and listened closely. From the look of things, it seemed as though Andre was their spokesman.

Or they were just some joyriders out for a free drink and didn’t really care about what the heck was going on.

But Obrien had invited him and a couple of friends so he didn’t mind having them around. They seemed like good people too.

“Yes. I can show you where if you are ok with it.”

“No…not immediately. I don’t want to come off as a stalker.”

It wasn’t even about coming off as a stalker. Obrien didn’t want to know where she lived since he was scared that she would see him and wonder what the heck he was doing there. But he kept Andre’s offer on the table.

“You guys definitely have known her for a while right?”

“Right.” They all said in unison

“What can you guys suggest that I do so that I can impress her? I mean some of you guys have tried and even seen some other guys try to woo her. I really need you guys to help me out here. I really like this girl.”

Andre and his friends looked very thoughtful. They thought for a while before getting back to him. Obrien left them deliberating like a jury right before a verdict was given as they sipped from their bottles.

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