Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

While in the urinal, Obrien thought about lots of things. He thought about how best he was going to approach Kerry and try his level best to win her.

She didn’t really know about him being a billionaire and that gave him some kind of leverage since it was such an amazing thing that he had managed to accomplish building a hospital.

But being successful isn’t too hard a task. The real task comes with maintaining it.

So in as much as he was out here having a good time with his new found friends, Obrien realized that he had obligations and he needed to attend to them if he was to achieve anything.

Obrien got back and his friends had finished their deliberation and were ready to advise him accordingly. He took his beer and sipped it and got ready to take in their advice. Andre, the spokesman, cleared his throat and then smiled.

“Obi, my only advice here is that you approach her respectfully and ask her out. Just go ahead and be yourself and everything will most definitely work out in your favor. Have you ever talked to her?”

“Yes, just one time.”

“And how did she seem? Was she friendly or was she cagey about having a conversation with you.”

“Well, she was outgoing.”

“Outgoing is good. It shows that a girl is willing to have a conversation with you. That is good my brother… really good. So whenever you are ready just give us a call and we will take you there. Or if you are scared, I will give you the address. Hey Tony, give the white man the address.”

Tony handed Obrien a piece of paper with an address written in really bad handwriting and smiled at him. Obrien appreciated it and asked them if they wanted some more beer. They couldn’t pass up the offer and so he made ordered another round.

Obrien didn’t really need Andre and his crew to tell him to be himself when approaching a girl but he felt as though he needed a reminder. He basically had the best time of his life and wished he could stay longer and have a couple more drinks but he knew he couldn’t.

So after ordering, they talked for a few more minutes before Obrien excused himself. He needed to be at the hospital very early in the morning. The last thing he needed was to tend to his patients while nursing a hangover.

Chapter 3

-The first date-

The week whisked away rather too quickly for the good doctor and he couldn’t believe that it was Friday already when he stared at his calendar. In as much as the week had been so hectic; with Obrien spending most of his time in the hospital, he couldn’t stop thinking about Kerry.

The most perfect woman he had ever laid his eyes on and he thought of what to say to her the next time she brought her mother into the hospital.

Obrien made sure that by about five, he had tended to all of his patients and he opened his door ajar, so as to make sure that he caught a glimpse of the girl as soon as she popped into the door with her mom.

At about three minutes to five, Obrien caught a glimpse of Kerry pushing her mom in her wheel chair and smiled. He rubbed his hands like a magician who was about to perform a trick and took a step forward.

But before he got out the door, Obrien stood right there and looked into the mirror on his left. His hair was ok and he straightened his tie which was a little bit askew. He cleared his throat and walked out, closing the door behind him with a gaseous thump.

Kerry saw him and smiled at him. Obrien smiled back and walked towards her.

“What a coincidence…” he lied.

“Is see you brought your mom for another session… may I?”

“Sure.” Kerry responded as he took hold of the handles and started pushing the wheelchair.

“I like your hair. I see you finally met the right barber.” Kerry joked as she held his files one more time. Obrien just smiled and shifted his attention to Kerry’s mother instead.

After chatting for a while and getting to know each other better, she went straight to the point.

“So, when are you going to tell my daughter that you like her?”

Obrien was caught off guard. So he chuckled nervously right before responding.

“I was planning to but I really don’t know if she likes me back. So I wanted to wait for a bit to figure her out before I tried asking her out.”

“Mom that was way too inappropriate. Obrien, please be kind enough to forgive my mother. She likes interfering with my life.”

“So will you go out with me for a date? You know… just one day out. At least it will shut your very wise mother up for a little while.”

“Well honey, the doctor is right. If you want to shut me up, then you will do everything in your power to give him at least one date.”

Kerry shook her head in disbelief. She couldn’t believe her mother could side with this total stranger to crucify her. But she didn’t want to disappoint anyone so she had to accept.

“I accept, on the condition that I get to choose where we go to and I don’t want to stay up longer than usual. I still have a bed time you know.”

“It’s all set then. You call me whenever you are free.”

“How about tonight. My daughter is free. She is always free!”


Kerry laughed a little bit timidly and looked up at Obrien. She couldn’t remember the last time she had laughed so hard. After exchanging numbers, they settled on having their first date at the bar around the corner for just a couple of drinks and see how things turned out.

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