Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

“I used to date this guy about a year ago and he broke my heart. That is why I have been reluctant to jump into another relationship until you came along. You see, I am trying my level best to trust again and this might take some time. I hope it won’t affect how you feel about me.”

“I understand and I’m ok with waiting for you. So you don’t really have to worry about a damn thing. I got you on this one.”

Obrien was a little bit relieved to learn that it wasn’t a rejection after all. He didn’t know what he would have done if Kerry had rejected him. So after he walked her to her gate, they saw his mom seated outside on the balcony and she shouted and waved.

Obrien knew it would be very rude not to go in and say hi. So he did.

“My boy, we are having a barbecue later this weekend and I am cordially inviting you. I know you will be the only white person around but that shouldn’t really scare you away. As far as the people in this neighborhood are concerned, you are just as black as they come.”

Obrien didn’t really have any plans for the weekend and so he humbly accepted the invitation. He had to leave since he had to be at work early the following day and Kerry walked him to the gate.

She watched her mother for a while and when she wasn’t looking, Kerry pecked Obrien on the cheek and told him that she couldn’t wait to see him.

As Kerry watched Obrien stroll away, she couldn’t help but frown at herself as the guilt accumulated around her heart. She knew that she ought to tell him about her previous relationship and about her still having feelings for her ex-boyfriend James.

James was one of those tough guys that every girl loved. But after being with Kerry for a month or so, he decided to walk away and left her heart broken to pieces. She knew by doing so it would have hurt his feelings but it was the right thing to do.

Kerry wanted to move on alright, but she needed time to heal and find closure before she could open her heart to Obrien. So she made up her mind to talk to him about James and everything else when he came over for the barbecue.

The barbecue basically had everyone from the neighborhood show up. Andre and Tony also showed up and they were glad that Obrien showed up.

Obrien on the other hand came to meet with some of his patients and was happy to learn that they were doing so well. He had also brought some of his white colleagues from the hospital.

Obrien always loved the hip hop culture and since they were getting to play it all through, he felt as though his mood was elevated and he loved it so much.

Everyone was having a good time apart from Kerry who seemed to be aloof. Obrien saw her and went to where she was and asked what made her not enjoy such a beautiful day.

“I’m a vegetarian. I feel bad for the cows that gave their lives for you guys to come and have a good time.”

Obrien shook his head and dismissed the joke that Kerry tried to tell so as to divert his attention from something that was bothering her. Kerry looked at him with that expressionless face and hoped that he would stop asking her a lot of questions but he just couldn’t.

Obrien was as persistent as they come and he did all that because he cared.

And because of him being such a nice person, Kerry didn’t want to tell him anything. As a matter of fact, all she wanted to do was to keep quiet about the whole James story and heal on her own.

“I see you don’t want to talk about it. But if you need anyone to talk to, then you know where you can find me.”

Kerry’s mom was watching from afar and she couldn’t help seeing just how caring he was. She secretly hoped that it would all work out between them.

Kerry’s mom had always prayed for a man like Obrien to come into her daughter’s life since she had had the misfortune of dating the worst people ever.

After about three hours of pure fun and bliss, it was time for everyone to go home. Obrien stuck around for a while longer until everyone left and that was when he left, after kissing both Kerry and her mom on their foreheads.

Chapter 5

-The steamy dreams-

After about two months into their relationship, Kerry was starting to forget her bad boy ex-boyfriend and was now starting to get into loving Obrien like she felt she was supposed to.

Obrien on the other hand was always busy with the hospital, but always managed to find time in between breaks to call or text her as a reminiscent that she was always on his mind. That was just way too sweet.

Kerry had just finished her degree in finance and was staying with her mother nursing her as she waited for her to get better before she went back to Manhattan to look for a job.

Kerry wasn’t just a regular black girl. She was smart and outgoing with only one problem and that was being attracted to the wrong kind of men.

She had dated so many bad men that she got confused when she finally had the opportunity to at least date someone who liked her for who she was and that was too overwhelming good for her.

In the recent days, Kerry noticed that she was starting to have some steamy dreams about him. All she wanted to do was wait until she went to bed so that she could relive that feeling once again.

Each and every single time that Kerry heard her phone buzz, the possibility that the message was from Obrien made her smile like a little girl. Her mother saw her blushing while typing one afternoon and called her over.

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