Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

“So how do you feel about the doctor?”

“I think I love him mom. He is just different.”

“I know and I’m happy for you. But I know you still have feelings for James.”

Kerry was over James alright, but she never quite understood why each and every single time he was brought up her heart skipped a beat. Maybe her mother knew something that she didn’t and she needed to listen to whatever she had to say.

“Kerry dear, love works in mysterious ways and I need you to be honest with your feelings. Don’t lead the doctor on because he is a good man. I know you want to love him. But for that to happen, you need to find closure.

“I need you to call James and tell him how you feel and tell him that it’s over. I don’t like seeing him bring discomfort to you anymore.”

“Mom I don’t want to talk to that man again. And I’m sure I have no feelings for him.”

“Yes you do. You hate him. And that will affect your next relationship. Hate will always conflict with love whether you like it or not.”

Kerry thought for a moment and realized that her mother was right. It was time for her to just move on. She promised her that she was going to call her ex and set the record straight. But she didn’t want to do that immediately.

It was almost time for lunch and she needed to make sure that her mother was taken care of. With her condition, she only could afford to eat certain foods.

The day moved rather quickly and it was nightfall once again. This was her favorite part of the day since she could make up scenarios in her head and think about Obrien.

There was an emergency at the hospital and Obrien couldn’t make it for their usual walks. Kerry was a little bit disappointed since she always looked forward to them as they actually freed her from the daily stresses.

As soon as she had put her mother to bed and kissed her on the forehead, Kerry went ahead to her room. As soon as her door was bolted, she took off her clothes right before slipping under the thick duvet.

She rubbed her thighs and body in an attempt to keep warm as she yawned.

Kerry touched herself as she thought about fucking Obrien and this made her body temperature rise almost instantly. Her pussy was already wet and ready for some finger action and she couldn’t really wait for long.

As soon as Kerry’s finger touched her labia, she could feel the heat dripping over her thighs.

She hadn’t been that horny in a while and she felt that she needed a good masturbating session if she was to give herself enough pleasure that night.

When she inserted her index finger inside, Kerry closed her legs and squeezed her finger inside, feeling an erotic sensation when she finally pulled her finger out of her pussy.

She almost screamed with pleasure when she remembered that her mother was in the same house. So she bit her lower lip and clenched the sheets with her other hand as she tried to calm herself down.

Kerry did that a couple more times, then she used two of her fingers to spread the vaginal fluid all over her labia. Kerry loved the cooling feeling that came with doing this and she felt relieved.

Once she was done with pleasuring her pussy, Kerry went ahead and started pleasuring her breasts. She had the most amazing and round B-cup breasts with sensitive cherry nipples. By the time she was touching them, her nipples were already erect and ready for some attention.

Her clit tickled her as it swelled and appeared from beneath its hood. Kerry always felt overstimulated each and every time she touched her clit. Getting to do this for a very long time always resulted in powerful climaxing.

Kerry felt her thighs start trembling as soon as she touched her pussy and this gave her goose bumps. The pleasure was too much for her to that point where she was breathing through her mouth.

Finally Kerry started rubbing her clit with one finger while the index finger from her other hand was thrusting in and out of her pussy, giving her tons of pleasure at the same time.

The walls of her pussy then tightened and she had that tantalizing orgasm she had been needed so desperately and that left her entire body shaking. This latest was longer than Kerry could remember and in the end, she fell asleep naked. She didn’t even have the strength to wipe herself.

In the morning, Kerry woke up and the first thing she did was hit the shower and got cleaned up. Then she went and made breakfast for her mom and herself right before waking her up.

She was already seated on her bed reading her bible when she came through and eventually closed it when Kerry was about to leave the room.

“Have you talked to James?”

“I was planning to but then I got busy. But I will call him tonight. I promise.”

“No chance. You are doing it now… right here.”

Kerry’s mom knew her better than Kerry knew herself. She wasn’t going to make that call until she was pushed and that was what her mother was going to do.

After Kerry made the call and told James that she had forgiven him and that she was moving on, she felt as though a heavy burden was lifted from her shoulders. Her mother was right after all and now she was ready to move on with her life.

James said he was thinking about her and that he wanted a second chance but Kerry turned him down politely. Her mother just sat there and smiled. She was never prouder of her daughter.

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