Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

Chapter 6

-The random date-

Obrien sat in his office and took another deep breath. He just couldn’t believe that he was done with the shift. It had been a very hectic one but he somehow had managed to get through it and nothing made him happier.

He had delivered two healthy twins and their mother decided to name one of the babies after him.

Obrien was so excited that he called Kerry and told her all about it. She was very happy for him and said she had something she needed to show him. Obrien loved surprises and so he looked forward to it.

He had missed his palatial home that was a couple of thousand miles away from Brooklyn and he was considering taking Kerry one of these fine days.

Kerry was waiting for him at the gate and she looked unusually happy when she saw him. As Obrien moved closer, he wanted to ask her how her day was. Before he could ask, she pounced on him and kissed him while hugging him as tight as she could.

It was now official to everyone around the area that they were an item and so all the public display of affection didn’t really get to anyone.

“So what’s the occasion? You were all over the place telling me about a surprise.”

“Yes of course. You always go on about loving the hip hop culture and I wanted to tell you all about it if you are willing.”

“You know I’m willing. I just finished my shift for the day and I have enough doctors taking care of business so I’m sure I won’t be returning there. I’m all yours.”

“Good then follow me.”

Obrien always loved it when Kerry was in control since she always had a sweet way of doing things. The two love birds walked down the street hand in hand as Obrien listened to Kerry chime about her dreams and how much she hated school.

At one point in life everyone hated school. So Obrien totally related to each and every single thing that she said.

Finally, they got to a park that was filled with young people and there was some loud hip hop music that was playing. Obrien couldn’t help but bob his head to the music since it sounded so incredible.

The deejay surely knew what he was doing and needless to say, he was really good at what he did.

“If this was the surprise that you wanted to show me, then it’s the most amazing thing I have ever received.”

“I knew you would like it. There is usually a congregation of hip hop lovers by the corner every three weeks. Young and up-coming artists, dancers as well as deejays get a platform to showcase their skills and earn a little something while they are at it.”

Apart from the music, the graffiti on the walls also caught Obrien’s attention and he surely did love it for real. Kerry hugged him as tight as she could as they enjoyed the tunes and melodies.

It was such an amazing evening and Obrien couldn’t remember the last time he had that much fun. There was no black or white, just a bunch of people getting together to have some fun and that was it.

After the music there were some rappers who took to the stage and entertained everyone with some witty poetry. After a while, it was time for them to go home. Obrien also had a chance to interact with some of his patients who noticed him. Then as usual, he walked Kerry back home.

As soon as they got near an abandoned house, Kerry turned and faced Obrien and kissed him. There was no one in the vicinity and she thought it would be a good idea to unveil the remaining part of the surprise. Obrien couldn’t really wait much longer.

He kissed her back while his hands caressed her all the way to her ass where he pinched her.

Kerry ran towards the house and opened the door as Obrien followed. It wasn’t that dark yet, so he wasn’t that worried about security. He had a hunch about what Kerry wanted and he could feel his penis growing bigger in his boxers as he opened the door.

The first thing he saw was a naked Kerry in a doggy-style position smiling at him. Obrien was expecting some sex alright, but he had no idea that it was going to be that hot. He walked slowly towards the living room as he unzipped his trousers and knelt just behind her ass.

Grabbing her ass with both his hands, Obrien started eating her pussy from behind and Kerry loved it so much she started moaning as soon as his tongue touched it.

Obrien moaned when he felt his penis sliding in and out her tight pussy while Kerry grabbed his balls and squeezed them gently. Obrien pushed in as hard as he could his penis disappeared inside of her pussy.

All that time, Kerry was on cloud nine. With her eyes closed, she could feel his dick rubbing every inch of her and the pleasure that came with it.

For an abandoned place, it was surely warm. Maybe it was because they couldn’t really feel the cold from all of their activity. But that was none of their concern at the moment.

Kerry couldn’t stop her boobs from bouncing back and forth with each thrust and she finally had the orgasm that she had been dreaming of for close to a week.

But Obrien wasn’t done yet. He kept on fucking her throbbing pussy in the same kneeling position. Kerry had another orgasm just before he had his.

“Please don’t remove it just yet.” Kerry told him as he was about to pull out.

So Obrien was left with no other choice but to oblige and started touching her boobs. Kerry started wiggling her ass while holding his spent penis inside of her pussy. This massaging sensation around his dick made him close his eyes and he started obsessing about her round ass.

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