Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

This was the best feeling in the entire world and all he wanted to do was fuck another round.

Kerry knew that her actions were going to earn her another round of sex and that was what gave her the psyche to keep up with it. In a couple of minutes, Obrien was already erect and started humping her right away.

That was some incredible sensation and he felt as though he was on top of the world.

This time round the orgasm was thunderous. Both of them had to catch their breath for a minute. And as soon as they were done with the unplanned sex, they got up, kissed and left.

Obrien made sure that Kerry reached home safely and everything was fine before he left for his apartment. He sure loved and enjoyed the surprise that Kerry had for him for sure.

Chapter 7

-The office hookup-

The level of attraction between Kerry and Obrien kept on increasing with time to a point that no time would pass without them thinking of each other. Kerry wrote Obrien some sexy messages each and every time she woke up and Obrien always looked forward to those messages.

Obrien wasn’t really good at poetry, so most of the time he looked for flowers and chocolate. Kerry loved chocolate and flowers.

After working for about three days without hanging out with Kerry, Obrien felt as though he wasn’t going to survive another day away. So he decided to do something that he never thought he would in his entire career as a doctor.

When Kerry brought her mom for her regular dialysis, Obrien called her into his office while her mom was undergoing the procedure. Kerry was glad to see him and as soon as the door was shut behind her, she jumped and hugged Obrien as tightly as her feeble hands could.

“You know I missed you like crazy. Why didn’t you stop by to say hi? My mother missed you too.”

“I wanted to but there was too much work. But did you get the flowers and chocolate I sent you?”

“I loved them. You are so sweet Obrien.”

“Glad to hear that. And you know…. I have about ten minutes before my lunch break comes to an end. So I was thinking…”

Obrien didn’t really need to finish his statement as his eyes made sure that Kerry got the message loud and clear. He moved towards Kerry and kissed her lightly on her lips with one hand holding her chin while the other was rubbing her ass as gently as he could.

Kerry, who had been sexually starved ever since the last time they did it, got turned on almost immediately and her breathing changed to heavy panting. Kerry hugged Obrien tighter and could feel his penis pressing hard against her and this made her want it.

All that time Obrien was kissing her on her neck and his hands had gone all the way to massaging her ass and this made her feel really amazing.

With one swipe, Kerry unzipped Obrien’s trouser and started massaging his cock while he kept kissing her on the neck. Obrien dug his hands into her tights and grabbed her soft, round ass and this made Kerry to hold her breath for a while.

Once his finger touched the middle of her thighs, Obrien could feel her sticky warmth and knew that Kerry was ready for some action. And so was he. Both of them had been sexually starved for a while and didn’t want to feel that way any longer.

Obrien glanced on the clock that was above his head and could see that he was only left with a mere eight minutes. So much could be done in those minutes and he opted not to waste any more time with caressing since Kerry was already turned on and so was he.

Obrien carried her and placed her on the table right before he started touching her breasts while Kerry pushed down her tights and panties.

As soon as Obrien saw her pussy, he went down on her and started kissing her inner thighs right before he started kissing her pussy lips. Explosions of pleasure made Kerry jerk upwards each and every time Obrien planted a kiss on her sensitive pussy.

“I want you to eat me now Obrien. Eat me like it’s your last meal on earth.”

Kerry’s statement was funny as hell, but no one was in a position to laugh about it at that moment. Obrien spread the sticky fluids on his index and middle finger and pushed them slowly into her tight pussy.

The erotic sound made by his finger sliding in and out of Kerry’s pussy made both of them horny and crave the sex to come.

Obrien felt Kerry touching his cock and he closed his eyes. He stopped eating her pussy for a moment and enjoyed the erotic sensation that came with his dick being rubbed gently and lovingly. Kerry was an expert at rubbing his dick.

It seemed as though she knew when and how to touch him. Kerry utilized the pre cum that was dripping from the tip of his dick and spread it all over.

“I want you to fuck me right now.”

Obrien heeded her plea but still wanted to lick up some of the sticky vaginal fluid from her pussy. This made her moan in a low tone since they were at a hospital and it would be really bad for them to be busted bumping ugly in a public place.

Obrien was now sucking on her red clit and this made her entire body shake in ecstasy.

In about a minute or so, Obrien was on top of her fucking her as fast as possible while his eyes were transfixed on the clock on the wall. He was only left with two minutes for his lunch break to be over and didn’t want to be late.

Good thing Kerry had bolted the door since anyone could just walk in on them and find them on top of his desk screwing.

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