Fight For The Love

By: Amanda Lewis

All that time Kerry had her hands on Obrien’s waist and moaning as Obrien slid in and out of her pussy without taking a rest. Kerry placed her legs around him and locked him in.

Obrien was supporting her upper body with his hands and kept on fucking her as passionately and as intimately as he could. Kerry was starting to sweat and so was he.

The window was opened a little and this cooled their bodies a little bit. Obrien had to pause for a minute and remove his lab coat since it was just heating him up for no apparent reason. As soon as it was gone, Obrien went back to business.

Kerry could feel their sex fluids flowing from her pussy down her thighs and she loved that sensation. Obrien didn’t really get to slow down with the fucking and this just made things be way more incredible than they had anticipated.

Obrien grabbed her bouncing tits and gently squeezed them until she couldn’t really breathe out the pleasure that resulted from doing just that.

Obrien took another glance at the clock while he was still shagging Kerry and on realizing that he only had one minute left, he increased his fucking until he ejaculated inside of her.

Kerry almost had an orgasm that concurred with his but she started rubbing her clit a little too late and she had hers right after Obrien was finished.

The two love birds didn’t really have any time to cuddle after their explosive sexual encounter. All that they needed to do was to clean up and walk away.

Obrien kissed Kerry on the forehead and asked her to leave the office first so that he could follow later since he didn’t want people to suspect that anything happened.

Kerry pulled up her panties and tights after wiping herself clean and walked past Obrien who spanked her ass and told her that they will hook up that night.

Chapter 8

-The return of the ex-wife-

After the steamy sexual encounter, Kerry comes out of the office pretending as though nothing had happened but the glowing on her face gave her away. And among those who were watching her and talking in low tones were Cattie, Obrien’s ex-wife.

Cattie had been stalking Obrien ever since they broke up and she didn’t really want to accept that whatever they had was dead and gone.

Obrien had been forced into marriage just for the sake of power and influence but after a year, he decided to call it quits and embark on his singlehood. His parents weren’t really happy with that but at the end of the day, their sons happiness mattered the most to them.

But things didn’t work out as they both had anticipated and Obrien ended up having a child that he hadn’t planned on.

This happened after he had successfully acquired a divorce and Obrien was left with no other choice but to accept things the way they were and took responsibility by paying child support. He went to see his son once in a while but didn’t want his ex-wife interfering in his personal life.

But as far as Cattie was concerned, she still thought that there was some hope between Obrien and herself and kept on spying on him.

She single handedly sabotaged his previous relationship and Obrien chose to just kickback and pretty much get to enjoy his single life not knowing what was happening to him.

That was until a friend suggested that Cattie might be having a hand in his failed love escapades, a suggestion that Obrien brushed aside as soon as it was brought up.

He knew that Cattie was a lover of drama but he couldn’t bring himself to think that she was capable of following him all over the place and keeping tabs on the women he was dating.

But after taking a little break from spying on her ex-husband, it seemed as though Cattie was back in full swing and all she wanted to do was make him suffer.

Cattie couldn’t believe that Obrien could abandon her, a former commercial model and have something with a hood rat, a name that she had reserved for Kerry.

Kerry never had an idea that she was being followed and so she kept on with her business. She waited for her mother to finish her procedure and took her home.

After some of the kind nurses assisted her to move her mom from the wheelchair to her car, Kerry thanked them and drove off. Cattie was in a Mercedes Benz just behind her. As soon as Kerry started off, she followed closely behind.

Back in the hospital Obrien was back to work when one of his friends and colleague came over and tapped his shoulder.

“How is the surgery going?”

“I haven’t started the procedure yet. We are still waiting on the liver. But the patient looks stable and in good condition so I’m sure that each and every single thing is going to work out just fine.”

“Good to hear. And one more thing…I think I saw someone like Cattie at the waiting room. Did you talk to her?”

Obrien was dumbfounded. He hadn’t heard about Cattie or talked to her for that matter ever since his last visit the previous month. And that was when it occurred to him that maybe he should tell Kerry all about her and the kid before she found out in the most unceremonious of ways.

“I don’t think it was her because if it were her, she would have come over and said hi.”

The doctor knew what he was saying. But since Obrien was going to perform a delicate procedure, he didn’t really want to pester him with gossip.

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