Foretold (Book Four of the Forsaken Saga)

By: Sophia Sharp

Book Description:

In the epic conclusion to the Forsaken Saga, Nora comes face to face with the elders for the first time. With Hunter and the angels at her side, she will try to do that which no one has done: destroy the elders, and break their terrible reign of power.

But it will not be easy. The elders have held on to their posts since the first memories of the Vassiz. Will prophecy be enough to guide Nora against them?

If she succeeds, the world as she knows it will change forever. But if she does not, everyone she knows will suffer a terrible fate. She is determined, but there are hidden secrets that may yet prevent her from reaching her goals..

Chapter One

~A Bitter Mood~

A dry wind blew sand across the plain. Nora shielded her eyes to avoid getting stung. That only helped a little. The thin cloth handkerchief that hung around her neck was not much protection against the gusts, no matter what the locals said. Still, it allowed her to breathe the arid air a little easier.

It was not until she got to Egypt that she realized just how pure the air back home had been. After her transformation, and the sensory magnifications that came with it, she should have been more attuned to it. For some reason, she had never really noticed.

Maybe it was just because of her transformation, but once she stepped off the plane onto the small, hidden airfield Jacob had somehow gotten access to the assault on her senses began. The air here scratched her throat and dried her skin. Within minutes of exposure, she felt more uncomfortable than she ever had in her life. It was the dry climate that did it, coupled with the monstrous heat. As a Vassiz, she would have thought herself less susceptible to such irritations, but apparently, that wasn’t the case.

At least she wasn’t alone. All the others with her had the same reaction. Alexander and Madison, Hunter and Jacob, they all complained of the same ailments. The dry air was just not meant for Vassiz.

Yet they’d been here since stepping foot on the parched land nearly three weeks ago. Here, in Egypt, where Rafael had told them the repository of torrial might be. Where the angels later confirmed it was. But, since the last meeting in the dream realm between Alexander, Madison, Rafael, and the angels, the angels had cut off all communication. Something had happened between them and Rafael that time. Because of it, the angels were of no help. Only once they found the repository would the angels deign to meet with them again. It was a frustrating predicament for Nora.

Searching for the repository, with absolutely no hints to its whereabouts, was becoming a fool’s errand. It could be anywhere in this blasted country. Despite looking nonstop, day and night, for the better part of three weeks, she and her companions were no closer to discovering it than they were the first day.

Which was perhaps why she felt so much on edge, now. Nora picked her way across the sand dunes, angling toward the makeshift tent she now lived in. A lack of progress toward finding the repository, coupled with a dwindling hope that it would even be possible to find it put her in a sour mood. At least the sun’s rays had abated slightly since their peak a few hours ago.

She was not looking forward to returning to the tent. It was no larger than her room at home had been once. She wouldn’t have minded it so much, were it not for the fact that the entire space was shared by four other people. Four other Vassiz. Alexander, Madison, Hunter, and Jacob.

The only solace she could find in that situation was that Jacob was not always there. After bringing them here, he flew back home so as not to arouse suspicion. But after hearing of their troubles, he returned to lend a hand. He thought he could help, and Madison seemed to trust him. Because of that, they all had to trust him, and so far, he had done nothing to betray that trust. Still, Nora felt a little uneasy discussing things in the open with him listening.

She thought the search would have been simple when she first made the trip. Well, maybe not simple, but entirely less frustrating than it was turning out to be. She had naively imagined they would just show up in Egypt, look around a bit, and find the repository all in the space of a few days. She snorted. It was almost comedic how far that was from the truth.

As each day slowly stretched by, Nora’s feeling of apprehension about the whole endeavor grew stronger and stronger. They could not hide from the elders forever, and staying in one spot made them more vulnerable. If they didn’t find the repository soon, they would be discovered. Staying in place guaranteed that. That was why they had set up the tent miles away from any form of civilization, with nothing but sand stretching in all direction. If they could avoid notice, perhaps they could stretch their luck a little further.

It wouldn’t have been that bad, Nora thought laconically, if they at least knew the repository were close by. As it were, all they had to go on was Rafael’s vague description of where it might be. They were near Cairo and had been searching the swelling city day and night. But as far as they knew, the repository could be in any other of the hundred towns and cities in Egypt.

Nora suppressed an angry growl as a speck of sand flew into her eye. She blinked it out. More often than not, she’d been feeling that way recently. Angry. A lack of tangible progress made it so, worsened only by the fact that she felt like she was hanging everyone out to dry, waiting for the elders to come along and find them.

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