Forever Family:Jase and Carly Summer Loving Part 'Due'

By: Mj Fields

Chapter 1


Jase Steel hasn’t changed too much in the past few years. He’s still controlling, protective, and loves me harder than I could have ever imagined anyone could love.

Yes, I said harder and I mean that in every sense of the word. When his overprotective, dominating nature has pushed me just about to the breaking point, he makes me dizzy with that smile, that dimple winking, those chocolate brown eyes that melt my panties and the way he says ‘Baby’.

That cliché and over used terms of endearment in the books I read wasn’t the same when it fell from his lips. Nuh uh, no way. His voice, his gaze, his overall sexiness when he delivered that word to my ears was like a gift from God above; it made everything in the world better. After that flower fragrance intensified, chocolate tasted more chocolatey, colors were more vibrant, and a hug meant to calm, ignited that spark deep inside me, turning me into a sexually amped up hormonal Momma to be. That name, Baby, still after all this time, had the same effect on me.

My mom’s friends, the book club, and I still read books together like we always did when I lived in Palo Alto, we just discussed them in a different forum. FaceTime.

Tonight as Jase slept, I finished Irons, book one in the Norfolk series. Jaxson Irons may be on a different beach than the Jersey shore but this shore whore was turned on and needed some steel, Jase Steel.

I would never admit that a book could get me worked up to Jase because he would freak if he knew I was turned on by anything other than him. He wouldn’t understand that I had read hot books for years and until I found him I didn’t really know it could actually be that hot. Kissing was different, it was another form of an erotic language. His tongue tasting me, his lips rubbing over mine softly and then in seconds turning into a possession, a claiming of what he wanted most in this life, me.

I still have no idea how that happened, I mean I was nice looking. I wasn’t a dog or anything. But sexy? Pfftt, me? No. Well, not until I realized that I was--to him anyway. And I was going to embrace the hell out of that because in case you don’t know it yet, nothing feels better than sexy.

Well, I was sure feeling sexy now, and horny.

Should I wake him? Probably not. He hadn’t slept well in months.

He lost the first and only other woman he had ever allowed into his very guarded heart during childbirth. I knew that was exactly why he fought with me when I told him I wanted to have a baby. That was why after only three months of marriage he tried his damdest to curb his sexual desires. That is why as excited as I was about becoming a mother and allowing Jase Steel, my husband, to experience the joys of pregnancy, I hid it from him for three months.

I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to feel everything a woman does when she has a little life growing inside of her, and keep it to myself until I had to share it.

Not that Jase and Bella were not enough, they were, but I wanted to fill our home. I wanted to grow and live without fear of loss. I know it was crazy and wrong and deceitful, but I, too, had suffered a devastating loss and I knew we deserved to be happier.

“ Jase,” I tapped his chest as lightly as I could knowing that every time I so much as move at night he jumps out of bed trying his best not to be--well Jase.

I leaned over and kissed his chest and, yes, I pulled his nipple ring with my teeth a bit. I was very, well horny lately and overdue. My doula, who I was seeing behind Jase’s back because he didn’t want some ‘Damn quack’ doing the job of a real doctor, a ‘female’ doctor because no ‘God damn male pussy lover was going to have the satisfaction of seeing what was mine and poking around it.’ She told me that sex may help induce labor and that my husband’s seed, (yeah she said seed, how completely adorable was that?) could thin the lining and also help speed up this now nine month and two week pregnancy.

He jumped but I held my hand to his chest and continued playing with his ring.

“Baby, it’s three in the morning.” He said calmly after he realized I wasn’t giving birth in our bed.

“Pregnancy hormones must be putting mine into over drive. So this is completely your fault.”

I kissed down his belly and he groaned, “Is that so?”

I looked up as he pulled my hair away from my face so that he could see me.

“He’s hungry all the time. Can’t get enough--.”

“You just made the Prince bow. You can’t talk about my boy when you’re talking about sucking my dick Carly.” He pulled me up and hugged me as he yawned. “Sleep. Save your strength for when you go into labor.”

He kissed my head and rubbed my back.

“You do remember I won’t be able to have sex for at least six--.”

He sat up and groaned, “Your voice has a direct line to the Prince, he’s awake and raring to go. I want you from behind. All fours.”

I immediately did as I was told.

“Fuck Baby, you’re already wet. Soaked actually,” he said as be kissed my backside and stroked his finger up and down my very swollen and very hungry who-who.

“I want you.”

“You better never stop.” He groaned before he sunk one finger inside me, and then another.

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