Friends Are Foes 2

By: Natalie Sade


This novel is dedicated to the families of: Lakeita Evans, Charles Johnson, Kenneth Keith, Courtney Lewis, and Dequan Raindle. Our hometown took a lot of losses in 2015, but through God all things are possible. You guys are forever in my prayers.


A week ago I was planning a movie date with my sister. Today I sat in the center of the floor in my bedroom, lost. I still couldn’t believe that Greg killed my sister. Like, he just took her life. I was so mad at everybody including God. Why did He allow this? Why did He give Greg that much power? Although I watched them lower her casket into the ground a few hours ago, it still made no sense to me. Now I understood why family members hovered over the casket refusing to let it go down. Because they wanted to make sure that their loved one was really inside. To ensure that it wasn’t just a big mistake. It still seemed impossible for my sister to be dead.

“Baby,” I heard someone call. I looked up at the doorway. It was my grandmother with a plate of food. “You gotta eat, Sasha.” She said to me. She put the plate on the bookshelf and walked out.

I knew my grandparents loved me, but they weren’t the touchy, feely, emotional type. I was seated in a dark room, in the center of the floor, with tears cascading down my face. All she did was set a plate of food out for me. Why didn’t she hug me? Why didn’t she hold me? Wouldn’t a quick prayer be the least she could do?

My room had two doors. One led into the dining room and the rest of the house, and the other was the house’s side door that led outside. When I heard a knock at that door I knew it was Tika.

“It’s open,” I managed to say.

“Hey, baby.” She said walking inside. She had a little smile on her face. Why? Didn’t she know I buried my sister today? She sat on the floor with me and pulled me into her arms. After holding me for a few moments, she kissed my cheek, and released me. There was that smile again. I noticed it when I looked up at her.

“They got him,” she said, barely above a whisper. I guess she was scared to tell me. She was excited, but she didn’t know how I would react. My feelings were all over the place these days, so I understood her hesitance. It took a moment for the news she delivered to register.

“They got him!” I yelled excitedly. Greg had been on the run since he murdered Andrea. A massive man-hunt was called, but they couldn’t find him. I’ll admit, for a while I thought he’d get away with it. I thought he would sneak in my room, rape me again, and then murder me.

“They found him in Laredo, Texas. Apparently he was trying to get to Mexico,” she told me.

“How did he get to Laredo?” I asked.

“That I don’t know, but I’m sure it will all come out soon enough.”

“Oh my God, oh my God.” That was all I could say. “Thank you, Jesus. I love you.” I said. “I’m sorry,” I cried. I had been taught better than to doubt God. I hated that I let this situation put those doubts in my head. I grabbed Tika and we sat on the floor and cried together.


All this shit that happened with Greg hit me hard. When I found out that he raped Sasha, it validated my feelings towards the things he had done to me. Now I was even second guessing the first time we had sex. I always thought I got too drunk, but now I knew that it was possible that he drugged me too.

I had been having nightmares about the time I spent in the hotel with him and Lenny. I kept reliving going in and out of consciousness as they tag teamed me.

I had just read an article in the paper. Apparently he had forced Candace to drive him across the state to get a rental car. As soon as he let her go, she called the police. I’m sure he manipulated her into helping him. He seemed to be a genius at brainwashing women.

The article also talked about how Greg had been living in Andrea’s attic for two days, stalking her, before committing the murder. This story just kept getting crazier and crazier. No one ever expected this from Greg, for the most part everyone loved him. We all thought Andrea was causing all of the problems, but it had been him the whole time. The thought of his hands all over my body, made me want to throw-up. There was a time when I really wanted him. I would have done anything to be with him, to be the one he chose, instead of Andrea.

Reading that article brought back the feelings I had been trying to run from. All of this was too much for me. No one knew how close I was to the situation. Yes, they knew I had fucked around with Greg. But they didn’t know I was a possible victim. When the news about the rape first came out, it sent me into a deep depression. It didn’t help that I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. What would I say? I didn’t even have the facts myself. And now Andrea’s children had to grow up without a mother. Andrea had no choice, she was taken from her kids against her will. What was my excuse?

If I could find a positive in this situation, it was that I now knew I needed to get my kids back. My mother was trying to raise my kids, and that wasn’t fair to her. I had four children, Jada is 13 years old. Jaydon Jr. is 9 years old, Jeremy Jr. is 7 years old, and my youngest daughter, Mallory, is 6 years old.

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